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January 31, 2015

sarah-palin_yeo-thumb1Sarah Palin has always been the poster-gal for bat-shit crazy, which lead obnoxiously to fame and reality TV, but her trademark aura of non compos mentis has finally lost its fruit flavor.
Last week, via the Guardian:

Sarah Palin’s eccentric speech to a Republican conference in Iowa last weekend, which has been criticised even by some of her conservative supporters, has now helped a group backing Hillary Clinton to raise $50,000, a spokesman said on Thursday.

I haven’t seen or read Palin’s speech, except for news excerpts online, and don’t/won’t at the get-go — mainly at the get-go in the summer/early fall of 2008, anyone with a brain stem could tell Palin was a terrible piece of work.

(Illustration: Artwork by Jonathan Yeo, found here).

A nutshell of Palin’s national-political origins by Jeb Lund, also at the Guardian:

According to John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s, ‘Game Change,’ Palin’s commitment to the movement has been cause for concern since 2008.
In the book, she’s portrayed (in part through interviews with former staffers assigned to her by the McCain campaign) as a candidate who is thoroughly unprepared, unwilling to study, erratic and unfocused.
On 10 September — less than two weeks after being named the vice presidential candidate and during preparation for an interview with Charlie Gibson — McCain’s staff realized that “her grasp of rudimentary facts and concepts was minimal.”
Among their concerns were her inability to articulate the role of the Fed or “why North and South Korea were separate nations;” her assertions that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11; and who, exactly, her son was at that point going to fight in Iraq.
Advisors Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, Mark Salter and Rick Davis reportedly held a meeting on 27 September to begin “discussing a new and threatening possibility: that Palin [is] mentally unstable.”

Yet she’s persisted like a bad cold, now all these years later. Palin was the foul loophole allowing mean-spirited, and really-dumb people to be taken anywhere-near serious — nut-jobs from the Tea Party (old tobacco-lobbyist apparatus) mostly were way-ignorant, for instance, really didn’t have a clue.
Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone nearly five years ago nailed them: ‘But after lengthy study of the phenomenon, I’ve concluded that the whole miserable narrative boils down to one stark fact: They’re full of shit. All of them.’
Always use that Taibbi line when Miss Sarah is involved — she was a ready-made platform for those assholes to emerge.

And with Fox News as the buzz feed, the dazzle peaked, and has now apparently played it self out, but not to all. Last weekend, Palin told the Washington Post, “You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested” in running for president of the United States.
A few days later, Bootstrap John McCain grinned out his own piece of idiocy concerning his former running mate making a play for the Oval Office: ‘“She’s very interesting. And I’m sure she’d do great.”

Alright, then…
Palin pops preposterous political pundit postulating poop.

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