Sarah ‘Seriously’

February 15, 2015

sarah-palin_yeo-thumb1Our local-daily newspaper up here on California’s north coast is the Eureka Times-Standard, and one of the worse papers I’ve ever come across — readers know it too, the long-time nickname is the ‘Sub-Standard.’

Odd, too, this morning to see an item from the rag featured on the Google News headline page — first time ever — of an op/ed by local writer, Tim Martin, author of, “Moonlighting as a Gynecologist,” with the subject matter of the wonderous Sarah Palin, one of the great-idiot grifters of our age, and who’s supposedly ‘seriously interested‘ in making a pure, ignorant ass out of herself come next year.

Hilarious, if shit wasn’t so serious nowadays.

(Illustration: ‘Sarah Palin,’ by Jonathan Yeo, found here).

Martin’s piece at the ‘Sub-Standard nails a certain ‘glee’ found in a Palin run for the White House:

What a fortunate turn of events it will be if Sarah runs for president.
Just imagine, more support-funded bus trips, more disjointed speaking engagements, more family brawling, more dropped “G”s at the end of verbs, and mo’ money.
And oh! The debates!
That’s too delicious to even think about.
The American public hasn’t been this amped up since 1938 when aliens attacked New York during the War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

Crazy, with a capital K — read the whole column, very funny, and right on.

Couple that with a good account of another Palin adventure by Christopher Helman at Forbes on Thursday (just spied it this morning), and this time, the fun-and-games last week at the North American Prospect Expo in Houston, the oil and gas industry shebang, where Palin did her speech thingy.
Helman writes:

It can be challenging to parse Palin’s core message from within her slap-dash stream of consciousness rhetorical style.
There was no teleprompter today, so it helped that her presentation was moderated in the form of a Q&A, which sort of kept her on topic.
Is that unkind?
Well she’s used to it.
“You can’t be afraid to stand up to the press,” she said today. “Look at the Brian Williams stuff. They lie.”
Fittingly, within the cavernous hall at the Hilton Americas where she spoke, a handful of reporters was sequestered in a corner as far away from the stage as possible.
No recording devices allowed, but I type pretty fast.

And there’s some crazy shit, one needs to read the whole piece.
This, as I recall, got the biggest play last week — epitomizes Palin’s whole ball-of-wax:

On the contrary, “the animals like the warmth” that the pipeline gives off.
“The animals mate under the pipeline. I haven’t actually seen it” but that’s what I’m told. If oil and gas development is risky to wildlife, “if it is to hurt one caribou, then that one caribou should take one for the team and allow the rest of the country to benefit.”

Serious, very-serious, mean-spirited ignorance.

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