Twisted Earth and Sky

May 12, 2015

tornado___speed_painting_by_ojollands-d35q684Thick cloud coverage this early Tuesday on California’s north coast — looks like we’re in a wet period, with showers, drizzles, and maybe some actual real rain, in the forecast for the next week to 10 days.

Two major news items already, both affiliated with the inherent chaos in nature — one grounded, the other, way-ungrounded.
In Nepal, a 7.3 earthquake rattled a way-already rattled region: ‘“It was really, really intense. Even when the shaking stopped, people were still screaming. They were completely panicked, because they knew exactly what it was.”

Meanwhile, tornadoes killed five people in Texas and Arkansas, including a young couple who died when their mobile home exploded in Arkansas. They were protecting their 18-month-old baby.
Howard County Coroner John Gray: ‘“She barely had a scratch on her. It’s absolutely a miracle,”

(Illustration: ‘Tornado – speed-painting,’ by FableImpact, found here).

The NWS reported an EF3 category tornado packing winds of around 140 mph (225 kph) destroyed the couple’s trailer, along with scores of others, stretching debris across a wide area about the west Arkansas town of Nashville.
Via Yahoo:

The county’s tornado sirens were sounded for so long during Sunday’s first tornado warning that the battery was drained, Howard County Emergency Management Coordinator Sonny Raulerson said.
When a second warning was issued for about 16 miles south of Nashville, the sirens could not be sounded, Raulerson said.

And more rain is forecast for the region, more turbulent weather through the week.
County Coroner Gray added an afterward on the tornado-orphaned baby: ‘“That poor little girl is never going to know them. But she’s young enough that she’ll never remember what happened.”

And onward we go…today’s laundry day, and will now prepare a backpack-load to the laundromat.

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