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June 3, 2015

1127724Thinly-overcast with faded sunshine this afternoon on California’s north coast, already mid-week — time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

Zilch for humor in this CNN/ORC Poll: ‘According to the poll, 52 percent of adults had a favorable impression of George W. Bush, 43 percent unfavorable.’

Either collective amnesia, or there’s a huge-shitload of really-dense-ass folks out there — sometimes I wonder if people are at all paying attention.

(Illustration found here).

If the survey actually meant 52 percent favored George W Bush being incarcerated during trial on war crimes, then the results would tend to be more sane, have a humane flavor.
And what’s even more idiotic, that same CNN poll found President Obama’s shit still slowly sinking:

A majority of the public once again say things in the U.S. are going pretty badly and disapproval of Obama’s job performance has climbed back above 50 percent as well.

Overall, 47 percent say things in the country are going well, 52 percent that they’re going badly.
That’s a reversal from March, when 53 percent said things were going well, the highest share to say so during Obama’s presidency.
The shift comes across partisan and demographic lines, with no one group’s opinions driving the overall change.
Obama’s approval rating has suffered a similar blow.
While it’s dropped since April, going from a near-even 48 percent approve to 47 percent disapprove split to a negative-tilting 52 percent disapprove to 45 percent approve, the rising disapproval ratings come across party lines, from both men and women, from whites and non-whites.

Americans view the sitting president less positively than all of his predecessors.
The public is split 49 percent favorable to 49 percent unfavorable on Obama, a bit worse than his 52 percent favorable to 46 percent unfavorable mark in March, but similar to other reads on his favorability in CNN/ORC polling throughout the last year.

Seemingly, people polled have scattered concerns, the economy worries less than a quarter of them right now, and education further down — the top two issues for Americans. Unfortunately, environmental stuff is not so bothersome, only 6 percent rank it as most-important.

Maybe, one of the problems with Americans and George W Bush is they do not really understand the real scope of the disaster — the way-worse president in US history, in all kinds of categories and via several yardsticks, and all starting from scratch.
An example of nefarious incompetence — from CNN in August 2002 on Bush/Cheney claims they inherited an economic mess from Bill Clinton: ‘“The Bush administration has run out of options when it comes to the economy,” said Doug Usher, a senior analyst with the Mellman Group, a Democratic political consulting firm in Washington. “Clearly they don’t have a plan, so they’re trying to claim things are not that bad. But people see right through that, so they’re going to plan C, which is blame somebody else.”

How could anyone with any type brain, any sense at all, even remotely consider George W Bush in any positive form or fashion? The problem is there’s been no reckoning for eight bad years, just a seemingly-conscious desire for self-delusion on a national scale.

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