Jeb! Not The W

August 12, 2015

2-jeb_bush_12.05.08_color_lrgSunshine and a warm breeze about noon Wednesday here on California’s north coast as we’re supposedly in for another heat wave this week with temperatures maybe in the mid-70s — and it won’t help the fires.
Once again, a good update can be found at Redheaded Blackbelt as smoke swirls across the northern half of the state, threatening two cash crops — pot and wine.

Meanwhile, in a reverse-like fashion, we witness a guy blowing toxic smoke out of his pedigreed ass — Jeb! last night re-wrote history and acted like whoever was listening was a simple-minded amnesiac: ‘And where was Secretary of State Clinton in all of this?  Like the president himself, she had opposed the surge, then joined in claiming credit for its success, then stood by as that hard-won victory by American and allied forces was thrown away.
In all her record-setting travels, she stopped by Iraq exactly one time.’

So much shit in the air, hard to find the door…

(Illustration: ‘Jeb Bush #1,’ by Kerry Waghorn, found here).

This election cycle is frighteningly-nauseous from the right side of the idiot pack. The low-end of the stick is curling the gravy — even after all the rumpus last week between The Donald and Megyn Kelly hasn’t stopped Trump from staying on top of the manure pile. Insight on the most-recent polls herehere and here.
And he leads by double figures — in the CNN/ORC poll, Trump’s at 22 percent! Jeb! dropped to a tie for seventh with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, all three at 5 percent.
Apparently, The Donald appears made of some weird type teflon-like material, so that shit people say about him — based on shit he’d already said about who/whatever — would not stick to any portion of Trump’s meandering, clueless ambiance, in fact, the onslaughts might even make him stronger.
In its self, a most-sinister feedback mechanism.

And on the ambiance of teflon, Jeb! presented his crack-jack, original foreign policy speech at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, home of the memory. A pile of twisted history without a sense of an audience with sense.
David Corn at Mother Jones nails the nut:

The main problem, Jeb Bush said in his speech, was not the initial invasion and not the Bush-Cheney administration’s incompetent handling of the post-invasion challenges.
It was, he insisted, Obama and Clinton’s failure “to be the peacemakers.”
He added, “It was a case of blind haste to get out, and to call the tragic consequences somebody else’s problem.
Rushing away from danger can be every bit as unwise as rushing into danger, and the costs have been grievous.”
Not surprisingly, Bush linked this failure to the “terrible” Iran nuclear deal currently in the works.

Bro, that’s shit and you know it. And that’s the kicker — he just don’t give a shit himself. In reality, Jeb! is just a late-season turd.

Lead give-away — in June 2008, the US Senate Intelligence Committee reported the start-up lie: ‘“There is no question we all relied on flawed intelligence,” Rockefeller said in a statement. “But, there is a fundamental difference between relying on incorrect intelligence and deliberately painting a picture to the American people that you know is not fully accurate.”
And the narrative goes downhill from there.

In the appreciation of real accounting for a terrible back-story, George W’s handling of the entire so-called ‘war on terror,’ has been so-so shitty, it’s hard to fathom anyone leaving out the biggest culprit to our current Mid-East nightmare — unless you’re his brother.
And of the Middle East nowadays, echoes the late-great Lt. Gen. William Odom in January 2006: ‘He was asked — if President Bush sought your advice on Iraq what would you say in a letter to him. Odom responded that he would tell the President that “he is losing in Iraq” and that he “has made the most strategic foreign policy disaster in U.S. history.”

Jeb! Bushwhacked…wanker, bro.

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