Campus Crazy in a Stab of Panic

November 4, 2015

dali-013Personal involvement this morning in a national freak-out — more college violence, the latest at the University of California Merced, located about 60 miles north of Fresno, with five wounded, the attacker shot by police and later died.
In this case, instead of a shooting, the incident was a stabbing. Three victims were treated on campus, two were medivaced to a nearby hospital, and all were supposedly conscious.

My daughter Hannah is in the doctorate/teaching program at UC Merced.
Fortunately, she was doing homework at her apartment at the time of the incident, and she’s fine.
Except having a way-emotional flash.

“It was really stressful at first,” she told me by phone a little while ago, as initial details were sketchy and no one seemed to know anything.
They still don’t except for the basic information.

(Illustration: Salvador Dali, ‘Alice’s Evidence,’ found here).

School officials and police will hold a press conference at 4 this afternoon.

Scared the shit out of me for a few minutes — panic-level brain fluids bubbled the senses until I heard Hannah’s voice. I first encountered the narrative via Facebook, and although she’d posted she was okay, the scared-shitness didn’t evaporate until after I’d heard my daughter talk.
She still sounded apprehensive, but settled.

Unsettling, though, is the violence in educational facilities. This past weekend, two people were stabbed at Rutgers University, and another shot to death at the Winston-Salem State University in South Carolina, and more college killings in Arizona and Texas early last month.
Supposedly, a total of 52 shooting on America’s school grounds so far this year, 23 of those on a college campus

And from SFist this morning just a short while ago:

Just yesterday, a freshman at nearby Fresno State University was arrested for threatening to shoot a “hot blonde” in the head.
The Fresno Bee and others took the threats to mean a mass shooting was in the works.

Crazy-freaking country…

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