Wet, Windy Wednesday

March 2, 2016

464_PineOvercast and chilly this mid-morning Wednesday on California’s north coast as we saunter through our rainy season, part two.
After a long respite, maybe the next 10 days or so some heavy-wet rainstorms.
Reportedly, starting this afternoon, or sooner, as with the NWS for today: ‘Chance Rain,
then Rain.’

This weekend, though, a strong front with a good ‘chance‘ of near-two-inches of rain on Saturday.

(Illustration: ‘Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay,’ by F.H. Varley, found here)

And gusty winds, too, could roll-snap at 25-35 mph in some places in the near-vicinity.

Also in the storm mix this weekend, snowfall in appropriate places, but since there’s already melting of the season’s last big fall, which ended a month ago, future snow is already here-and-gone. A deficient in the making — via NBCLosAngeles:

Statewide snowpack is at just 83 percent of average for March 1, according to the Department of Water Resources.
The agency’s survey Tuesday at Echo Summit in the Central Sierra, which includes Lake Tahoe, showed snowpack was at 105 percent of average, compared to 130 percent at the same spot the month before.
“Mother Nature is not living up to predictions by some that a ‘Godzilla’ El Niño would produce much more precipitation than usual this winter,” said Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin.
“We need conservation as much as ever.”

This coming storm, however, could help (per AccuWeather just a short-while ago): ‘Inches of rain may fall from San Diego and Los Angeles to San Francisco and Sacramento through next week. Up to a foot of rain could fall across portions of northern California, including Crescent City.
In the Sierra Nevada, snow will accumulate by the foot.’

And onward, one step or so at a time…..

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