Long Ago

April 24, 2016
My beautiful picture

(Illustration: ‘Compatible Creatures‘ from last Friday).

Nine years ago today was a Tuesday.
Late in the afternoon on April 24, 2007, “Compatible Creatures,” clicked into virtual life.

Utilizing Wi-Fi at Linnaea’s Cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo, a few miles east of California’s central coastline, and via a then-brand-new Dell laptop, I published my first post, titled, ‘Word,’ about some shenanigans in the GW Bush White House. (You can glance at that particular post here if you’d like, it’s way short).

Now more than 2,500 posts later, hard to believe how so-much the world has changed since ‘Compatible Creatures‘ took flight between between coffee slurps at Linnaea’s long, long ago.
Less than a decade, but WTF!

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