Trump — Shame in the Name

August 12, 2016

16458226596_ae9dbb782b_zFog starting to burn-off this mid-morning Friday on California’s north coast. Yesterday afternoon was about as-good-as-it-gets weather-wise around here, and I’m not being flippant, either.

No joke, only “SARCASM” seriously folks (HuffPost):

“In American history, we’ve never had a major presidential candidate who fabricated facts with the regularity of Donald Trump,” said Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University.
“He just simply makes up things.”

Reprehensible-name branding…

(Illustration: Donald Trump, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong, found here).

The Donald is indeed worthy of Time magazine’s cover-and-story: ‘Meltdown.’
He’s becoming so obvious, it’s starting to become a shameful, embarrassing sucking down the drain.
The very name, ‘Trump,’ is already synonymous with deep division, tainted with asshole. Cutting through all the chatter, what’s with ‘Trump,’ the last name? Supposedly, there’s 4,788 people across the US who share the last name Trump, but are of absolutely no relations — how shitty their daily lives have become in just a few months.
Zachary Crockett at Vox last Tuesday checked out the horror of namesakes, and interviewed a few of these poor souls (h/t The Big Picture).
Apparently, for awhile it was fun, then not so much:

“A taxi driver, or a waiter would look at my card and say, ‘Ohhh, The Art of the Deal!’” says Don, who later moved to Norfolk to work as a technician.
“To a lot of working people, Trump meant money and success. I’d get treated nicer — they thought I was a rich relative.”

“‘You’re fired!’ jokes were a weekly thing,” says Gary Trump, a 45-year-old semi-retired businessman from the West Coast.
“In the business world, you always need a good icebreaker; that was mine. It was fun.”
“Back then,” he adds, “there wasn’t [as much] animosity around the Trump name.”

“Before Trump ran for president, people would ask, ‘Are you rich?’ in this fun and playful way,” he says.
“Now they still ask if I’m related, but the tone of the question is completely different. When I say no, instead of a fun and playful response, it’s this like sigh of relief. They now always make a point to show that they don’t agree or support him.”

Jeff Trump, a young Southern carpenter whose Roman nose and blond hair could qualify him as blood kin, has fared worse.
“A few months ago, I was at a liquor store in Vermont — Bernie Sanders country,” he relates.
“When I showed the [cashier] my ID, he looked at me like I was crazy. He goes on this long rant about Trump and tells me I should be ashamed. I’m like, all right, bro, just give me my fucking beer and I’ll be on my way.”

Even Crockett got burned by an obvious ‘sick-of-this-shit’ Trump:

“What’s it like sharing a name with [Donald] Trump?” I ask.
“What’s it like sharing a name with Davy Crockett?” he shoots back.
“That guy killed innocent people.”

Read the whole piece for the detailed Trump blowback…

Even with all that — last weekend, the American Psychiatric Association told its members not to call candidates mentally ill, especially the orange-tinted one, and especially don’t say he’s a pure-liar suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, or words to that effect.
A way-misguided ‘pot calling the kettle black’ routine — a twilight zone of a mental disability.
In a nutshell via New York magazine:

The Washington Post and Politico report that Trump called attention on Saturday to Clinton’s Friday remark that she “may have short-circuited” her recent answer to an interviewer’s question about the investigation into her use of a private email server while Secretary of State, an answer which has has been roundly criticized as false.
Incorrectly ridiculing Hillary for this, Trump said that “she took a little short-circuit in the brain, she has problems,” adding that he didn’t think “she’s all there,” and that “the people of this country don’t want somebody who’s going to short-circuit up here.”
Many of the remarks echoed ones he had also made on Friday at a campaign stop in Iowa, again calling Clinton a “dangerous liar,” who, if elected, would prompt “the destruction of our country from within.”
Trump also called Clinton “a horrible, horrible human being” on Saturday, and earlier in the day tweeted that the Democratic nominee was also “brainwashed.”

The article ends with a note on a tweet late-last month from Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter of The Donald’s ode to self-largess, “The Art of the Deal,” and the real crazy: ‘Something I saw early on w/ Trump: most negative things he says about others are actually describing him. Read his tweets with that in mind

The last name in…

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