‘In Your Own Reality’

September 27, 2016

1-vy4rtasrg2pdwidgvmzstgThick, damp fog this early Tuesday on California’s north coast, ending a two-day run of sunshine in the morning — supposedly, sun later, but deep-misty til then.
Maybe rain by the weekend, but more a wait and see.

Last night, however, we didn’t have to wait long to see Donald Trump get whipped-clean by Hillary Clinton.
Not much of a debate — Hillary beat T-Rump senseless.

(Illustration found here).

As if T-Rump had sense going in, though, he did handle himself pretty good for a guy bursting the orange-coated seams with retorts, come-backs, insults, all kinds of nasty-ass shit, and ending up just seemingly right on the exact-verge of a boiler-busting meltdown.
One of the more-bizarre public events I’ve ever witnessed. And one of the most-anticipated. According to hype, the debate was at a Super Bowl level — maybe 100-million Americans tuned to whatever multi-sources it was broadcast.
Odd to see just about all TV channels carrying the exact-same thing, at the exact-same time.
I watched the version at PBS, though, afterwards couldn’t stomach David Brooks, and channel-surfed for feedback from TV-talking-heads.

Hillary came out immediately with confident gusto, and not too long into the debate, quipped in answer to some bullshit, “Well, Donald, I know you live in your own reality,” and the whole T-Rump show collapsed, never even came close to touching Clinton at all.
If you’re a sane person, T-Rump’s performance was ‘normal,’ no information, no substance at all, and literally repeating the exact same shit over and over — as if he doesn’t understand we heard it the first time.
The only result, hopefully, would more people undecided would already fucking decide — Trump would be a pure nightmare for us Americans, and the world.

Adding to the Super Bowl sense was seemingly the proliferation of the so-called ‘Debate Watch Party,’ which goes with sporting events, too. According to Yahoo: ‘A ‘watch party’ is a group of people that get together and watch a live election or watch a live debate, you will weigh in on the election or debate, by speaker phones and television or sometimes with a lot of computers in the room to catch all the happenings and results in live time.’

Last night’s debate also referenced the best marijuana to get through the thing — Super Silver Haze tops the list:

Robb Arnold, the owner of Jayne, says this sativa is perfect for the debates.
It’s “energetic, uplifting and great for high stress,” he says over the phone.
Bonus? It “helps with nausea,” he adds.
This strain is almost 29 percent THC and .08 CBD.

Yet still six weeks to go — long-lasting nausea and unflinching un-reality (Washington Post): ‘For his part, Trump said he was pleased with the points he made on immigration, trade and jobs in the first half hour of the debate. He gave his Democratic rival a “C plus” when asked to grade her performance, but declined to grade himself, saying: “I know I did better than Hillary.”

Life in a hard-bubble…

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