Raining Reality

December 19, 2016

Overcast with occasional sunshine this early Monday on California’s north coast, as more rain expected starting tonight.

Even as the Electoral College does its shitty thing today, T-Rump and climate change don’t mix — especially with the midlands of the US now engulfed in a winter where temperatures are below -50°F at times.
Warmth bringing the weather chaos — per the Guardian this morning:

Severe “snowmageddon” winters are now strongly linked to soaring polar temperatures, say researchers, with deadly summer heatwaves and torrential floods also probably linked.
The scientists now fear the Arctic meltdown has kickstarted abrupt changes in the planet’s swirling atmosphere, bringing extreme weather in heavily populated areas to the boil.

(Illustration: ‘Rain,’ by Brad Sharp, found here).

Yet even here to the North Coast — despite no El Niño this season, the rain totals for our area could be off-the-roof-totals by the end of this season — from the NWS yesterday: ‘After this week’s heavy rain, both Eureka and Crescent City have begun the rainy season in the top two for total precipitation.’
That’s the historical charts, mind you.

And more from that Guardian piece — scary stuff:

The northern ice cap has been shrinking since the 1970s, with global warming driving the loss of about three-quarters of its volume so far.
But the recent heat in the Arctic has shocked scientists, with temperatures 33C above average in parts of the Russian Arctic and 20C higher in some other places.
In November, ice levels hit a record low, and we are now in “uncharted territory”, said Prof Jennifer Francis, an Arctic climate expert at Rutgers University in the US, who first became interested in the region when she sailed through it on a round-the-world trip in the 1980s.
“These rapid changes in the Arctic are affecting weather patterns where you live right now,” she said.
“In the past you have had natural variations like El Niño, but they have never happened before in combination with this very warm Arctic, so it is a whole new ball game.
“It is inconceivable that this ridiculously warm Arctic would not have an impact on weather patterns in the middle latitudes further south, where so many people live.
“It’s safe to say [the hot Arctic] is going to have a big impact, but it’s hard to say exactly how big right now. But we are going to have a lot of very interesting weather –– we’re not going to get around that one.”

Despite our heavy rain, this shit is going to worsen our drought, however:

While downswings of the jet stream can bring freezing winters, the accompanying upswings have been linked to worsening the drought in California.
“These northward jet stream swings are of course the reason California is having such a terrible drought,” said Francis.
This effect was in fact predicted back in 2004, with those researchers now saying: “Reality is moving faster than we thought or hoped it would.”

In the real world, T-Rump is way-worse than any feedback loop…

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