‘You’re Fired’

January 9, 2017

T-Rump is such an asshole in so many different venues, hard to keep count.
Meryl Streep cited just one example last night — and apparently so shit-shook the T-Rump he idiot-twitted, of course — and another lesser-known, though, still a decent-sized slice of ugly-shit, occurred over the weekend.
Shitbird’s team fired the 89-year-old announcer of the presidential inauguration, who’s called every inaugural since Dwight Eisenhower in 1957.
Charles Brotman was fairly tore-up (via CNN):

“He told WJLA he was “heartbroken” and “destroyed” by the decision at first.
“I’ve been doing this for 60 years,” he told the Washington ABC affiliate.

(Illustration: Donald Trump, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong, found here).

DC local, Steve Ray will replace Brotman, who’s apparently not an asshole:

Brotman told WJLA he wished Ray well.
“As opposed to — boy, I hope he fouls up so they say, ‘We want Charlie back.’
“No. I don’t want that at all,” he said.

And just to be nice: ‘Trump transition spokesman Boris Epshteyn said Brotman will be honored as “announcer chairman emeritus.”
However, Brotman wasn’t told he was fired to his face: ‘“I looked at at my email, then I got the shock of my life,” Brotman told CNN’s Carol Costello. “I felt like Muhammad Ali had hit me in the stomach.”
After reading the electronic missive, he thought he ‘“was going to commit suicide.”

Just another story in the naked city. There’s going to be a shitload of damage before the brakes are put on this runaway nightmare. Early on, it appears the biggest factor in exposing the creepy-wild T-Rump, and all his awful appendages, is to confront him. He shit’s a brick — a super-scoop-narcissist can’t help it.

And with Streep, she touched a wide-ranging sense. The majority of Americans most-likely finds T-Rump repulsive, and Streep’s words connected with that audience — similar feel with Hillary Clinton’s night at the theater, as opposed to Mike Pence’s debacle — and the wash back to the Oval Office.
An interesting, pretty-much right-on take at Esquire this morning — highlights:

Streep’s speech was indeed great.
There’s little question of this inside liberal circles.
The content of it was practically perfect.
Her specific call to arms to support the Committee to Protect Journalists proved her bona fides, while her more general embrace of diversity and rejection of bullying resonated with anyone who has a heart.
She got it right where Redgrave apparently did not — by being clear, and taking care not to be unduly alienating in the room. Streep’s speech also went a ways to proving that an award show can, in fact, be a reasonable venue for “personal political propaganda” if we allow it.

The difference between a political speech at an award show that gets boos versus one that gets applause is a matter only of how uncomfortable it makes the audience.
Touch them where it hurts, and you’ve got yourself a controversial moment; tell them what they already want to hear and watch them rise from their seats.
In that sense, Streep hit the balance exactly right, pleasing just about everyone… Unless you’re someone on the right, or your name happens to be Donald Trump and you’ve somehow still got direct access to your personal Twitter account.

The problem for liberals then becomes the argument over whether the speech was right or appropriate.
Trump tweets about it, then Kellyanne Conway goes on Fox News to back him up, and they succeed in their goals; instead of us talking about the truth of what Streep said, we’re left arguing over whether she should have said it at all.
We fall into their trap.
I’m writing from that trap right now.
But we need to stop with this.
We need to change the terms of the debate.
We should not allow ourselves to be lectured about the indecency of celebrities virtue signalling to a bubble of coastal elites — at least, not by members of a party who just elected to the presidency, with only a minority of the popular vote, a vulgar reality TV star who lives in a gold-plated highrise in the middle of New York.

Key words, ‘resonated with anyone who has a heart,’ strikes the nail, we just got to keep hammering…

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