‘Armada’ Not

April 19, 2017

Rain this late-afternoon Wednesday on California’s north coast, with an occasional heavy-downpour accompanied by some gusty winds — the current cycle will reportedly play out sometime tomorrow, and maybe steady-sunshine by Friday.
Our rainy season this year is really getting old…

Beyond not-enough sunshine, also irritating is the dangerous T-Rump — the bullshit off the North Korean situation has become a frightful clown show, emphasized by the ‘“an armada”‘ on its way to the danger zone. I posted yesterday on the fuck-up, and cover-up, and today Sean Spicer blubbered an obvious angle — the US is run by idiots (via Raw Story): ‘“It is headed to the Korean Peninsula…But that’s not what we said. We said it was heading there. It was heading there. It is heading there.”

Although the ‘armada‘ was 3,500 miles off the mark, and steaming in the ‘opposite direction,’ T-Rump’s unfazed…

(Illustration: Edvard Munch‘s ‘The Scream,’ lithograph version, found here).

Bluster their way pass the fuck-up — the White House blamed the Pentagon.
The whole world knows the T-Rump is a fucking asshole — per the Korea Times:

Park Won-gon, an international relations professor at Handong Global University, said, “I presume that not coming to Korean waters without telling anyone would have been a choice of strategic ambiguity, but accurate information will be available only when the U.S. government expresses its official position on the matter.”‘
He added the South Korean government could have been offended.

And this from an AP story on South Korea (via TPM):

Unpredictable. Unhinged. Dangerous.
Many South Koreans are using those words to describe the president of their most important ally, rather than the leader of their archrival to the North.
They worry that President Donald Trump’s tough, unorthodox talk about North Korea’s nuclear program is boosting already-high animosity between the rival Koreas.

In that regard of T-Rump’s blubbering, misshapen bullshit, and Spicer’s similar crap, Digby also has a post on the Korean clusterfuck, with the reminder: ‘Sometimes he makes me miss Sarah Palin. Trump’s word salad is just depressing. It’s similarly stupid but without the flair. It’s also extremely frightening since, you know, he’s the president.’

A timeline via the Washington Post on this nonsense — once again, we be fucked…

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