Failed ‘Mimic’ and the Nuclear Codes

September 4, 2017

Orange-tainted air this early evening Monday, Labor Day, here on California’s north coast, and still fairly warm.
Weird weather continued today, heat persisting, even shrouded in a fog-like overcast of low-clouds infected with smoke off forest fires all over the Northwest — two biggies, one in Siskiyou County, another over in Trinity County, is fueling the wind.
Unhealthy air all over the region. (A good round-up this morning at Lost Coast Outpost).

Also an orange-tainted fog of air-ugliness that makes raw the throat is the T-Rump.

Describing the asshole, he’s worse than a repugnant, despicable, motherfucker…

(Illustration: Donald Trump, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong, found here).

Creating that physical description, however, is an unsettling sense the shithead is near-about consumed by some weird, mental problem, a deep-seated emotional fuck-a-doo.
In that line of figuring, I spied this post from last Saturday by Josh Marshall at TPM — T-Rump can’t discern humanity:

There is, of course, a word for people who have an extreme inability to feel empathy: sociopath.
It can also be certain diagnoses of what is called ‘malignant narcissism.’
But even that isn’t quite what gets my attention.
Because many sociopaths are actually quite adept at demonstrations of empathy.
They don’t feel it.
But they can mimic the behavior.
That’s what gets me.
Trump can’t even pretend. Even your garden variety jerk politician can put on a show of hugs and supportive words.
Trump can’t.

In addition to the basic body language he keeps saying things like “Have a Good Time!” to people stranded in a shelter.
Or, ‘it’s going great‘ to people who’ve just lost everything.
Or, look at this huge turnout to people who … well, you get the idea.
When it comes to acting human or compassionate it’s like the part of his brain governing that species of behavior has been removed.
It’s like watching a person who has profound social awkwardness in a meet and greet situation at a cocktail party.
It’s painful.
But again, with Trump it’s not social awkwardness.
It’s a basic, seemingly fundamental inability not only to experience but even to fake the experience of empathy or human concern.
That additional part is what is remarkable to me.
How Trump got this way I have no clue.
But it’s the behavior of a very damaged or emotionally stunted person.

Kim Jong-un ‘“begging for war”‘ — what could go wrong…?

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