Abominable as Shit

March 8, 2019

Perfect allegoric for a messed-up era of the nowadays (great-h/t Susie):

Worse episode in the way-worse production of the T-Rump (at Elle this afternoon): ‘Donald Trump, President of the United States and Professional Twitter Bully, spent some time in Alabama today greeting people and autographing items, among them hats, $100 bills, and Bibles. As in The Bible.’
I enjoyed the sarcasm  — straight news (Politico):

President Donald Trump on Friday extended an unusual gesture as he sought to comfort Alabama residents devastated by a tornado outbreak last weekend — he signed Bibles.
Trump offered up his autograph to first responders and survivors at a Baptist church in the eastern part of the state, after tornadoes left a path of destruction nearly a mile wide and killed 23 people last Sunday.

A number of local officials, including Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, joined the president in lauding first responders.
Ivey thanked Trump for coming, adding softly: “We’re stronger together.”
Trump said Federal Emergency Management Agency staff will stay in Alabama as long as needed as the state recovers.
He took off from Alabama to head to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, for a weekend at his private club.

Furthermore, Kathryn Krawczyk at TheWeek, also this afternoon: ‘Books are typically signed by their actual author, which, in this case, we can affirm Trump isn’t. Then again, you can also grab signed copies of The Art of The Deal, which Trump supposedly didn’t write either.’
He’s a a lying asshole:

The Post also points out that Trump appears to be accelerating the pace of his lying.
In his first year as president, Trump told 5.9 lies a day, and in his second that ramped up to 16.5 a day.
In his third, he’s averaging a whopping 22 lies a day.
The Post’s Bottomless Pinocchio rating, for lies which are completely distended from the truth but which Trump keeps returning to, was only introduced in December but there are already 20 lies in that category.

Just one small, horrifying example of how really-fucked the situation…

(Illustration out front: Donald Trump, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong, found here).

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