A Brief Heartfelt-Hardy Laugh In The Time of Cholera, er, Virus

April 6, 2020

Neatest-funny thingie I’ve seen yet during this special time of this so-far special year — great h/t to Bill in Portland Maine of Cheers&Jeers found at Daily Kos. If you don’t read C&J every weekday morning (except Friday, then in the afternoon) you should receive a lifetime ban from getting anywhere near the kiddie pool:

End brief sanity break…

(Illustration: Self-portrait by GW Bush taking a shower, found here).

A brief explanation of sorts from New York Magazine, Feb.8, 2013: ‘More impressive than the painting’s aesthetic quality is the soul-searching introspection evident in the scene. Bush, slightly hunched, is standing out of the water, staring off into the corner of the shower, as if contemplating past sins that can never be washed away, no matter how much soap you use and how hard you scrub. His disembodied face appears in the shaving mirror, looking back at Bush through an impossible angle, like a haunting apparition. You can’t hide from yourself, the face is saying. You can’t hide from God.

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