Walking Leroy in the Valley — Episode Seven

May 3, 2020

Again this morning, Leroy and I on our venture via the Rascal Bike Path here in Merced. A quiet, earlier walk with few people and a certain cool to the air that would be absent in a short space.
Still Sunny bright all along the path — this post is pix from three walks in fact, yesterday’s too, and from Friday.
Forgive the photos (if they can be called such, the camera knowledge is still near flat, and the date/time stamp, a feature which creates a peculiar memory flashback from three years ago and all we’ve been through) because they don’t give justice to the Rascal.
Urban pastoral as comfort for the times, maybe soon to vanish.


Early walks are the key to weathering the Valley. Leroy likes it early, too, and is eager to get going, and pulls all the way to the path, then once there follows smell-trails in a zig-zag fashion until it’s time to turn around and head home.

A glade on the path, near the entrance/exit to El Portal Drive.

A long, narrow stretch of the bike-path thick with trees and plants in lead-up to Rahilly Park on Parsons Avenue.

Next block of pix are from yesterday…

Leroy in a pause on the trot home, just short of Cherokee Avenue.

Open space at the entrance/exit to Columbia Avenue.

The creek seen from Cherokee Avenue.

Last two pix from Friday — a good walk that morning, too, if I can remember back that far:

Leroy checking out a downed tree branch past the playground near the Sutter Court entrance/exit.

A stretch of the creek approaching the G Street entrance/exit.

Walking the Leroy dog…



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