Walking Leroy in the Valley — Episode 10

May 10, 2020

Dog walks again on the Rascal Bike Path here in Merced — now late-afternoon Sunday in California’s Central Valley, fairly-warm with not much wind.
Every morning, if I can work it, I take my daughter’s basset hound/greyhound mix, Leroy, on walks via the Rascal, some longer than others, but our sorties have also become a tiny-short refuge from a whacked-out world getting further whacked-out in real time.
Anyway, some pix from this morning, and yesterday.


He’s on the hunt/smell this morning near the Monte Vista Court crossing. Still plenty of people out on the path. There wasn’t that many folks at it today, but yesterday a shitload of bikers, a number of dog-walkers, and a few joggers, but everyone kept their distance.  No masks if I remember correctly. Saw one or two yesterday.

And of yesterday, did get a pix of a cat along the path, I think it was on that stretch just beyond the entrance/exit to East Brookdale Drive. Leroy, who has to contend on a daily basis with three cats himself, didn’t pay it no mind — I just happened to glance down, saw it there. Not very fearful.

And did get this pix of a brown squirrel — have to gaze pretty-close, left side of the tree trunk, maybe two/three feet up from the bottom — and I didn’t see it myself until I got home and downloaded the photos. I was trying to get a shot of another squirrel sitting in a branch above this scene, out of the picture.
Problems with the camera (keeps turning off, no grip, too-small screen, whatnot), and most-likely compounded by problems with my handling of the device, or mishandling, makes photography fun. And Leroy rarely poses, he’s moving constantly, which means my old fingers on a tiny camera has to work fast, though, even in getting the wrong squirrel.

Leroy will do a posture sometimes, this is one at the open space at the Columbia Avenue entrance/exit

Walking/resting the dog…

Don’t think I’ve heard this before…

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