June 5, 2020

Breezy and nice this late-afternoon Friday in California’s Central Valley, though in the mid-80s the air is way-cooler than the last two/three days, which saw temps in triple digits close to sundown. And we’re getting a little overcast right now, so the cooling-off factor will most-likely heighten.

Once again blogging in the backyard, but this outing hopefully will be news free, just the same don’t ever count anything happening the way you figured.
This post in on the work my daughter, Hannah, has done to reinvigorate her apartment’s small, rear-enclosure. And she also just refurbished a stand for all her succulents in just about one space, as seen just above my laptop in the picture below¬† — a plant stand she just acquired this week, quickly cleaning, varnishing, painting the three-tiers, and reassembling it in a couple of days into the finished product on display…

Neat! A closer view below:

And another perspective next with the addition of my daughter’s basset hound/greyhound mix, Leroy…

He needed to be included as we didn’t get to take our walk today, due to circumstances, and Leroy appears above in his natural state when gazing — sweetly sad, with a hint of not understanding.¬† He quietly agreed to pose, and held the comportment until I got the picture I wanted.
We near-daily stroll the Rascal Bike Path here in Merced, and every three/four walks I write a little, dumb bit with some shitty pictures as a way to align the news horror and promote the virtues of the Leroy (last ‘Walk‘ post here).

Leroy has been funny about walks lately as he loses interest quickly, and wants to turn-around and head home. Our last couple of outings have been short, less than half-an-hour — most days we average probably about 90 minutes or so. Every-once-in-awhile a couple of hours, rare nowadays, though.
Although age might be a factor — he’s nine, which for his type means elderly — but I think he just feels the anxiety and stress of lockdown and really, really frets when out of contact with my daughter.
When she leaves for the occasional shopping trip, masked and apprehensive (I usually stay home because I’m old and apprehensive). Leroy cries and I have to soothe him for a time until he calms and accepts she’s gone forever. Or maybe not…
I just try to alleviate his fears and be cool, comfort him sort of like that big guy in that Terminator movie:’Relax.’

Of which, Hannah is supposed to attend a candlelight vigil tonight for George Floyd in downtown Merced, and anxiety level will be high, for both me and Leroy.
Safety for all in a great cause.

Wonder what the news dump will be tonight, which in the age of the T-Rump could be any kind of fecal matter — wait, no news remember!

Sage counsel…


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