Freak Show Redux

November 29, 2020

A major freaky in a freaky year just got much-more freaky:

Eleven days ago, the freaky object was discovered by the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau during a routine wildlife mission via helicopter counting bighorn sheep in the southeastern part of the state and the situation captured the freak of the time.
No one could figure out who/what put the weird-ass ‘monolith’ in that way-remote section of a red-rock desert.
Per NBC News this morning:

The bureau said it did not remove the monolith, citing the structure as private property. It also said it doesn’t investigate matters involving private property and said any investigation would be handed by the local sheriff’s office.

The monolith was reportedly removed on Friday evening, according to the statement. Images now show a cairn, a stack or mound of stones built as a memorial or landmark, where the monolith once stood.

Mystery, or what:

“Somebody took the time to use some type of concrete-cutting tool or something to really dig down, almost in the exact shape of the object, and embed it really well,” Lt. Nick Street, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, told the New York Times.
“It’s odd. There are roads close by, but to haul the materials to cut into the rock, and haul the metal, which is taller than 12 feet in sections — to do all that in that remote spot is definitely interesting.”

And the incident just adds to the freak-show life of 2020, but shit, it really doesn’t change much…

(Illustration found here).

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