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June 29, 2022

In a period of dark, ominous shit, the backlash off the SCOTUS decision on Roe v Wade last week might have added fuel to the Democrat side of the voting aisle, and maybe will prove a positive factor in the midterms in November.

Some poll work, hopefully, points the way — at Salon this afternoon:

According to a Yahoo/News Gov poll released just this week, 45-percent of U.S. voters say they’d now vote for a Democratic congressional candidate, while roughly 38-percent meanwhile said they’d vote Republican — a 7-percent gap that has reportedly doubled since last week.

Those findings were affirmed in another poll, conducted this week by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist, which similarly observed a 7-percent gap — 48-percent for Democrats and 41-percent for Republicans. That gap has reportedly widened by 2-percent since last week.

Morning Consult likewise found a 3-percent gap, with 45-percent of the electorate saying they’d vote for a Democrat and 42-percent for a Republican. Last week, support for the two parties was equal.

Yet people, polls, and psychotic blindness in the political environment:

Obvious as shit the entire Republican party is mentally disturbed, and violently, too.

Along with a lot of other shit, Republicans lack any semblance of shame.
I literally laughed out loud when I first saw this:

And ‘working’ at what? Idiot. Does he actually believe anyone would believe he was too busy to watch testimony on shit he was involved with 17 months ago, which displayed his lying during all that time, and his forgetfulness, especially for the hours immediately following the insurrection at the Capitol — McCarthy is a noodle, spineless and douchebaggish

Again contextual on a GOP nasty brain and would explain the unwavering stance of MAGA hatters (via PsyPost yesterday): ‘New research published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology suggests that a tendency to readily believe conspiracy theories coincides with a general mistrust of others. Two experimental studies found that people with a higher conspiracy mentality were less trusting of unfamiliar faces, regardless of whether or not the faces displayed cues of trustworthiness.

Boris Johnson opened his yap again — per USAToday this morning:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn’t have started the war in Ukraine if he were a woman, citing “toxic masculinity” as a driving force for launching Russia’s invasion.

“If Putin was a woman, which he obviously isn’t, but if he were, I really don’t think he would’ve embarked on a crazy, macho war of invasion and violence in the way that he has,” Johnson told German media outlets Tuesday after the G7 summit in southern Germany. “If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, it’s what he is doing in Ukraine.”

Midweek again — the crazy the ‘new norm.’

Despite it all, once again here we are…

(Illustration out front: Salvador Dalí’s ‘Galatea of the Spheres,’ found here.)

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