Please, Please Buy My Book — Part Sixième

February 25, 2023

Here we are with another plea this Saturday afternoon to please, please buy my novel, “Brown-Eyed Girl With A Cold Corona,” on sale now.
In effect, though, in about two weeks, ‘Corona‘ will actually have been on sale for a whole, full-year — I self-published in March 2022 via Outskirts Press — and being shitty at self-promotion, occasionally offer up (now six, so far) appeals to purchase my most-wondrously insane tale of love beyond reality.

One review:

“Not since the Time Travelers Wife has a story tugged at my heart, f*** with my head, and left me so chilled, haunted and thoroughly impressed. A vivid, romantic and ultimately chilling debut, I sincerely hope this author doesn’t stop here. A new, genre bending talent has been unleashed and I personally can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.”

The Amazon/Kindle page is here.

My Outskirts author’s page is here.

The project has been nearly 30 years in the making. And has gone through a history, although way-mostly a quiet one for all that time, yet the end product well matches my intent way back at the far beginning. As I’m getting older, this is way-likely my only novel experience.

Corona‘ can be found in the genres of FICTION/Literary/Fantasy/Romance/maybe even Paranormal/or Horror (as there are supposed ‘ghosts’ involved in the story). This as background: ‘If my memory is correct, by mid-summer I’d enough of a manuscript with characters and storyline to come-up with a title, “Brown-Eyed Girl With A Cold Corona,” and with continual editing, expanding chapters, segment revisions, the final version was copied/typed from my notes onto clean, easily-read hardcopy pages in late 1999. And for various reasons and circumstances, then spent more than 20 years languishing silently in a cardboard box from Poor Richard’s Press.

Written in first-person, ‘Corona‘ is just three days of my own life at the time just being ‘tweaked’ — all the characters in the tale are composed of people I knew at the time, the mid-1990s. And the reader gets a front-row seat on life in a California beach town during Spring break — what?
In a form of an explanation, the synopsis off the back cover:

Life can sometimes alter course in a finger snap. One second existence seems normal, the next, an out-of-step leap beyond the imagination. A night bar-hopping during Spring break on the California coast shifts from the typical to peculiar and strange in scant moments.
As if out of thin air, she was suddenly sitting close, leaning inward at the little table, her face directly at him. Large, brown eyes intimate and captivating, demanding full attention. The bar’s loud, swirling noise of music and muffled chatter seemed to have quickly vanished into shadow.
Easily, he closed off everything with total focus only on those liquid-brown eyes. In minutes, he fell completely head-over-heels in love, gobsmacked like a virgin little boy.

However, in just a brief, single tick when he’d once glanced away, she vanished. So astonishingly quick the episode, he never got a name or a telephone number. And other people had seen her in the bar, so she was real. Or was she? Such is the beginning.

In an ensuing couple of days, he tumbles like Alice down the rabbit hole. He’s no virgin little boy, but middle-aged and fighting the loose tendrils of a mid-life crisis — divorce, children (for instance, he occasionally smokes pot with his 15-year-old daughter), intense guilt about everything, and booze, all combined for close-call disaster. Yet petty compared to the wondrously-haunting hallucinations he encounters created off that one night with the young woman,

An illusory mystery revealing a murder, though, in an abnormal sequence.

‘Corona’ is a deeply personal story, which probably was just therapy for a weird, sad, and hectic period in my life (divorce and an unsettling of several lives, including of my children) and yet turned out to be a well-narrated tale of life in a certain period of time. A novel of circumstance.

And, did I mention the Amazon/Kindle page is here?

Plus, here’s the wrap-around, back-front cover of the book to close out this unbridled solicitation:

Bestseller or not, here we are once again…

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