Week Off — ‘One Day We’ll All Understand’

December 25, 2023

A week of holiday travel — I’ll be off the blog for the next few days (most likely not to return until this coming weekend) as I am involved in a semi-long road trip tomorrow, followed by a three-day visit with family up in northern California.

Time will melt until then. Enjoy yourselves (all three/five of you) this week and may good things happen in your sphere of the world.

In deference to the coming new year and the intense anxiety from it, a couple of old Dan Fogelberg tunes — first, in the spirit of the coming new year and heart matters from the past:

And to be included, as ‘Part of the Plan,’ off Fogelberg’s great 1974 album, “Souvenirs,” which I loved and played it on my old turn table until it warped (not true, but I really, really listened to it back in the day, now approaching 50 years ago):

Love when you can
Cry when you have to
Be who you must
That’s a part of the plan
Await your arrival
With simple survival and
One day, we’ll all understand
One day, we’ll all understand
One day, we’ll all understand

Fogelberg passed way too early (in 2007 at only age 56).

Time flies like melting moments when you’re having fun, or not, yet once again here we are…

(Illustration out front: Salvador Dali’s ‘Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion,’ found here.)

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