Smile/Laugh Intermission

June 8, 2024

Cool, clear, and sunshine-sweet this near-noon Saturday here in California’s Central Valley — a wondrous respite from the ‘heat dome‘ influence of the last couple of days, but it’s reportedly only a short spell as we’re forecast to be back into triple-digit temp territory come Tuesday.

Similarly, in defiance of the horror of modern life lately, a quick hiatus-tweet-snapshot of a smile/maybe a laugh or two/three at the full expense of the T-Rump (way-great h/t Digby):

A couple of bonus bursts from the same source this morning (she with a most-marvelous sense of political-now humor):


Continuing the smell of tragedy:

Fatal fart, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front; Salvador Dalí’s “Baby Map of The World” (1939), and found here.)

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