Twitter Permanently Suspends T-Rump: ‘He Is Losing His Marbles Right Now’

January 8, 2021

A most-interesting last few days as we’ve gone from apprehension, to unreal terror and surrealisn, and then a tidal wave of major-event news — MAGA people getting arrested, fired or both, impeachment reports — to this afternoon of Twitter permanently suspending T-Rump’s account, knocking his fat ass off the air.

However, he’s a sly-grifting piece of shit — per the Guardian‘s live blog early this evening:

Donald Trump, after being permanently suspended from Twitter under his personal account @theREALDonaldTrump, has tried to hijack the official presidential account @POTUS to tweet his grievances.

Twitter is quickly deleting the posts before they can be shared, but users briefly could see messages from Trump slamming Twitter for coordinating with Democrats and the “radical left” to “silence” the president.

The social media platform had already said it will remove any new postings from Trump to @POTUS.
If Trump attempts to make a new account, it will also be permanently suspended “at first detection,” according to Twitter’s rules.

One of the better responses to the Twitter action, and reveals why the T-Rump is so-trying to get around the suspension:

Indeed T-Rump would be losing his marbles if he ever had any, and he’s just melting down into a gob of mental short circuits — he’s really lost his mouthpiece.
A flashback via NPR, also this evening:

He took pride in his ability to get around the mainstream media and drive cable news with tweets he compared to “a rocket ship.”

“I call Twitter a typewriter,” Trump told a White House summit with right-wing social media provocateurs in 2019.

“I go, ‘Watch this.’ Boom. I press it, and within two seconds, ‘We have breaking news,’ ” he said.

He’s shitting his diaper.
And another black-humorous touch — in a piece today by Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair on the T-Rump’s being way-pissed with Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy for not maintaining the delusion of Joe Biden stealing the election, supposedly this occurred during the Christmas holiday at Mar-a-Lago:

The Republican sources said Trump was furious with Ruddy because Newsmax started referring to Biden as president-elect on December 14, even as the network continued to amplify Trump’s election-fraud conspiracies.
“Trump went up to Ruddy at the golf club and said, ‘You’re weak-kneed!’” one of the sources said.
Trump threatened that he could take away Newsmax’s audience with a tweet.
“I could move your audience in a heartbeat,” Trump told Ruddy, according to the source.

Not now.

In explaining the suspension, Twitter said T-Rump’s shit created ‘“…the risk of further incitement of violence.”
And apparently expected more:

Not much chance of either impeachment or the invoking the 25th Admendment — we’re stuck with the T-Rump crazed, hateful ass for another two weeks.

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Hell Canto 2: Giants,’ found here).

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