Time Meltdown

January 23, 2021

A cover of an old, old song about horseshit left in shit-stalls:

Artwork depicting a lot of garbage-scattered ground, not only just one particular place, but throughout everything a president would touch, because we know, anything T-Rump touches dies — the image above could also represent the entire federal goverment and all its appendages. After four years of purposeful chaos and cruel intentions, there’s buried pieces of shit and injury-producing clutter embedded in hard-to-reach spots all over the bureaucracy and beyond.
And because the T-Rump and his minions are/were way-criminally corrupt and immorally-founded, tales of deceit and fraud will surface eventually-continually the next few days, weeks, months.

Already a major item on T-Rump’s continual illegal acts to overturn the election (h/t tweet Daily Kos):

Another crazy asshole attempting to influence the simple-evil-minded T-Rump to bullshit away Joe Biden’s victory by illegal legalities:

Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark nearly convinced then-President Donald Trump to remove then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and use the Department of Justice to undo Georgia’s election results, The New York Times reported Friday.

Clark — who appealed to the former President’s false claims of election fraud — met with Trump earlier this month and told Rosen following the meeting that the then-President was going to replace him with Clark.
Clark would then move to keep Congress from certifying the election results in then-President-elect Joe Biden’s favor, according to the paper.

Citing four former Trump administration officials, the paper reported that an agreement among department leadership that they would all resign if Rosen were fired helped sway Trump from removing his acting attorney general.
The notion of department pandemonium, congressional investigations and blowback from fellow Republicans seemed to resonate with Trump, who after nearly three hours decided to allow Rosen to stay and determined that Clark’s plan would not work, according to the Times.

And further frightful idiocy was Rosen and Clark presented arguments for and against the plan during a meeting in the Oval Office with the T-Rump, ‘…which they (NYT sources) compared to an episode of Mr Trump’s TV show, The Apprentice.

Beyond the election, as president T-Rump did have his finger on the Pentagon, which he actually hated in reality and disparaged as often as possible. One detailed account of this situation is a piece by Adam Ciralsky at Vanity Fair yesterday and describes again how shitty disruptive the T-Rump’s henchmen — real the whole article, it’s worth it, but this most-interesting snips, especially regarding the US Capitol insurrection/riot and acting secretary of defense, Christopher Miller:

Miller told me that when Trump made him head of the Pentagon, in November, “the bar was pretty low.”
He had three goals.
“No military coup, no major war, and no troops in the street,” before observing dryly, “The ‘no troops in the street’ thing changed dramatically about 14:30…. So that one’s off [the list].”

What did Miller think of the criticism that the Pentagon had dragged its feet in sending in the cavalry?
He bristled.
“Oh, that is complete horseshit. I gotta tell you, I cannot wait to go to the Hill and have those conversations with senators and representatives.”
While Miller confessed that he hadn’t yet emotionally processed the day’s events, he said, “I know when something doesn’t smell right, and I know when we’re covering our asses. Been there. I know for an absolute fact that historians are going to look…at the actions that we did on that day and go, ‘Those people had their game together.’”

And concluding:

As Secretary Miller and I were winding up our conversation, his wife, Kate, who had overheard bits and pieces, walked in, visibly upset.
She had apparently been doomscrolling in the other room, watching news reports about Miller’s frank comments — prompted by my question about the F-35—that had been posted on the Pentagon’s website.
Turning toward me, she said, “Forgive me for speaking frankly, but this is very upsetting for me. You see where we live. His reputation is all that we have. And I am very concerned that he’s being exploited right now. He’s done his job. He’s done a very good job. Nobody gives a shit.”
She then addressed her husband, “I think we need to just put a line under it and say, ‘We’re done.’”

The Trump name is now pure shit, and it will be some difficult time before it’s all ‘done,’ or maybe never…

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion,’ found here).

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