Terrible Times’ Most-Terrible Tweets

September 7, 2021

Warm and near-about comfortable this mid-day Tuesday here in California’s Central Valley — first day of the ‘fall season,’ a time zone which usually lasts until about Halloween, then the holiday season kicks in, amping shit up higher.
In the nowadays, though, all past ‘normal’ bets are off, due to the ugly fact crazy shit’s waist-deep.

Currently, trying to understand people and how they act throttles the brain — this way-sadly reflects a certain glitch in the system of making life livable (h/t tweet tengrain):

Last July, a survey revealed Republicans (most-likely worse among MAGA-hatters) have lost trust in science — per Forbes:

The Gallup poll — conducted from July 1 to July 5 in a survey of 1,381 adults — found less than half of Republicans (45-percent) have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in science, 27 points lower than in 1975, the last time the polling center asked the question.

Democrats are 34 points more likely than Republicans to have confidence in science, a wide partisan split that did not exist in 1975, when GOP voters (72-percent) were just 5 points more likely than Democrats (67-percent) to have confidence in science.
The Democratic rate has surged 12 points since 1975 to 79-percent, while the figure among independents dropped 8 points to 65-percent.
Confidence in science among all Americans has dipped 6 points since 1975, to 64-percent.

Origin tell of the current tale:

If COVID wasn’t a mutating-killer virus scorching the whole world maybe the death-cult insanity wouldn’t be so upsetting, mainly due to the fucking fact it’s causing a shitload of innocent people to suffer and die. And to make it seem worse, a shitload of idiots are dying out in the open — like that pathetic, nut-wad in the tweet above, and, too, a gaggle of right-nuttery radio hosts, anti-waxxers, common folk, all dying after professing T-Rump love and claiming COVID is a hoax. They’re dead, like that guy.

And the shit sticks not only to a health emergency but other, also obvious reality science::

Despite a leg-up in Congress right now an infrastructure bill waiting for climate change work — we’re fucked:

But those desperately needed measures are merely a finger in the dike against the vast impact of climate change.
Moreover, they come at a time when too many Americans would rather believe nonsense than science, when a lot of average citizens rely on talk radio hosts rather than experts for their information.
If we cannot talk a substantial minority of Americans into getting a proven vaccine to prevent deaths from COVID-19, how can we convince them to take measures against climate change?

Of course, one won’t move without the other.

Pinball’s always right:

Or as they say in ebonics, We be fucked.

And, here we are, once again…

(Illustration out front: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Harlequin Head,’ found here),

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