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T-Rump ‘A Deeply Damaged and Dysfunctional Human Being’

August 9, 2019

Beautiful Friday afternoon on California’s north coast, sunshine and warmth just about all day — a dog run to the Ma-le’l Dunes in the AM was exhaustively-most-enjoyable, and sweaty. The Redwood Gun Club’s firing range…

‘Hatriot’ — Word for the Times, ‘Perfect Shorthand’ for Racist Assholes

August 7, 2019

An old word badly needed for the nowadays, one I’d never heard before today, “hatriot” — this from two years ago, which went unnoticed by just about everybody: As explained at the Guardian this afternoon…

Climate Change Action: ‘Under Pressure’

July 25, 2019

Sunny and nice this Thursday evening here in California’s north coast — summer’s near-about two-thirds gone. A bit under-the-weather the past few days with a head cold of sorts, a condition which probably started late…