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Lamenting the Deplorable

December 22, 2016

Slivers of faded-yellow sunshine this early Thursday on California’s north coast — big rainstorm due this afternoon, and will supposedly drench-over into all day tomorrow. Weather the system, but not the climate — an unpresidented gloom…

‘Global warming and “an extraordinary departure from the norm”’

December 7, 2016

Overcast this Wednesday morning on California’s north coast, with rain expected at any minute — supposedly rain until Saturday, at least, and some forecast to be fairly-decent in downfall. And cold-as-shit this morning, too. However,…

Climate Change — ‘Midst of an Extraordinary Time’

November 15, 2016

Rain and a chilled wind this early Tuesday on California’s north coast — supposedly, showers the rest of today. The UN reported Monday, 2016 will most-likely be the hottest year ever, third record as such…