Lonesome George

January 29, 2011

In September 2000, a peek into the future.
During a Labor Day campaign stop in Illinois, George Jr., oblivious of a mic just inches from his mouth, blubbered an aside to The Dick, which eventually revealed a nasty, two-faced-lying politician.
Via salon.com:

“There’s Adam Clymer — major league asshole — from the New York Times,” Bush said.
“Yeah, big time,” returned Cheney.

Hence, no one should be taken aback from the horror the next near-decade would produce because these two arrogant incompetents ran the show.

In searching for answers why there ever was a George Jr. presidency, there’s no real conclusion, other than US and world history was apparently already en route to a mega-major disaster.
Maybe it was the odd, worse-than-realized 2000 election, in which The Junior became embroiled in the most screwed-up process since reportedly the more-than-usual corrupt one in 1876, where one vote made all the difference.

In 2000, though, none of the voters made any difference.
Despite Al Gore snagging the popular vote by a fairly decent margin — more than three times the amount between JFK and Dick Nixon in 1960 –  the US Supreme Court without any thought of history or how voters voted, it was just too convoluted: Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances, for the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities.

(Illustration found here).

Now near-11 years later, George Jr. wants out of the limelight and wants to “regain anonymity” — but still a two-faced obvious liar (though in a shocking self-caricature sort of way) as he postured during a C-Span interview set to run on Sunday:

“[I]n spite of the fact that I’m now on TV, I don’t want to be on TV,” he said.

(See the video of that portion of the interview here).
He did, however, show that natural revenge/mean streak as he reasoned away why former Press Secretary Scott McClellan, a very-long time aide, wasn’t included in ‘Decision Points,’ George Jr.’s so-called memoir.
(Of course, McClellan did scribe a critical review of his years with Junior Boy, aptly titled, ‘What Happened.’

“He was not a part of a major decision. This is a book about decisions,” Bush told CSPAN. “This isn’t a book about, you know, personalities or gossip or settling scores.”
“I didn’t think he was relevant,” added Bush.

George Jr.’s still got it.

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