Warmonger Us — ‘A population under stress’

March 8, 2012

Pornographic war creates sweet dreams:

“I laughed as I heard a story,” said Ryan Endicott.
“One of the platoons had strapped dead bodies from a gunfight on the hoods of their Humvees and then drove around the city for hours. . . .
One (day) they brought in a car that had just been shot up.
The driver’s fully intact brain was sitting in the back seat of the car.
I walked over to the body bag with the passenger in it.
The bag began twitching and we could hear his body still attempting to breathe.
We laughed as we stomped the bag.”
(Documentary “On The Bridge” via the Chicago Tribune).

(Illustration found here).

History’s most-worse coincidence — Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush alive at the same time.
How the shit did Osama know George Jr. would go nasty-faced, bat-shit crazy after Sept. 11, 2001?
Maybe the late al-Qaeda leader was versatile in gothic writings, i.e., the Project for the New American Century, or maybe he knew about the asshole line-up of warmongers that had been waiting with shark’s breath for a spark the World Trade Center conveniently provided at no expense.

Catch the rapid on-going financial expense of this useless, but perpetual war here.
A reminder from Everett Dirksen: “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”
And real death and misery.

Another study, another finger in the eye:

The study, an analysis of data from the Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment, shows a striking 80 percent increase in suicides among Army personnel between 2004 and 2008.
The rise parallels increasing rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions in soldiers, the study said.
The high number of suicides are “unprecedented in over 30 years of U.S. Army records,” according to the authors of the study, which was published Wednesday in the journal Injury Prevention.
Based on the data and the timing of the increase in suicide rates, the authors calculated that about 40 percent of the Army’s suicides in 2008 could be associated with the U.S. military escalation in Iraq.
“This study does not show that U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan cause suicide,” said Dr. Michelle Chervak, one of the study’s authors, a senior epidemiologist at the U.S. Army Public Health Command.
“This study does suggest that an Army engaged in prolonged combat operations is a population under stress, and that mental health conditions and suicide can be expected to increase under these circumstances.”

Dr. Amir Afkhami, a professor of psychiatry and global health at George Washington University:

“But the higher number of suicides is a rock-solid indicator that we do have a problem,” he said.
“There’s no question about it.”
(ABC News)

And it just keeps keeping on.

President Obama ain’t much difference than George Jr. when it comes to killing people.
Mary Dudziak, University of Southern California law professor, on the US and its not-only perpetual, but permanent state of war.
Via Raw Story:

“The idea of wartime is doing a lot of work in American politics,” she said.
“The way we think about history is history passes through two different kinds of time, from wartime to peacetime to wartime et cetera.”
“That’s the way we learn about it in school, that’s the way that we imagine it.
When we use to concept of wartime, we assume that wartime is by definition temporary.”
But Dudziak noted that over the past 100 years, there had been few times when the United States was not engaged in a some sort of military conflict.
“And let me just tell you the Obama version of this,” she added.
“Obama comes into office having campaigned on ending two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but then it morphs into a war on terror.
He says we are at war with al Qaeda.
We have lost the limitation of countries and it is now formulated as a war without end.”

One day it will all end, but I really don’t want to be anywhere in the area.

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