Patrimony Revoked

April 15, 2012

President Obama ain’t pissed already: If it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course I’ll be angry,” he said.
Of course, the source of that future ire stems from the indignation of a whore unpaid.

Reportedly,  11 US Secret Service agents and five military personnel have been sucked into a nasty scandal with prostitutes, obnoxiously-loud, late-night partying and nasty-asshole behavior –  chaos apparently erupted when one of the girls “freaked out” after she was not paid and banged on walls and doors in the hotel hallways.

(Illustration found here).
These guys were an advance team for Obama attending the Summit of the America’s in Cartagena, Colombia, located on the northern coast, and the high-good time occurred at Cartagena’s five-star Hotel Caribe.
The Washington Post described the place:

The Hotel Caribe is in Bocagrande, a seaside district of Cartagena.
It’s not a colonial hotel, like those in the old walled city, but rather an elegant, decades-old structure that is considered a national patrimony.
Locals consider it a good place to party — there is a beachfront bar-restaurant in front of the hotel and inside it has gardens and bars.

All the Secret Service people were quickly snatched out of the country by US authorities amid charges of ‘misconduct‘ and replaced by another team.
The five military fellows were placed on lock down, confined to quarters in Colombia.

An added ingredient to the call-girl caper — from NBC News:

Four small bombs exploded in Colombia in what police said may have been a protest by leftist guerrillas against the presence of U.S. President Barack Obama in the country for the Summit of the Americas.
A senior police source in the capital Bogota told Reuters that two explosives were placed in a ditch in a residential area near the attorney general’s office and the U.S. Embassy.
“There are windows broken, but nobody hurt or killed,” the source added.

“It might be a protest by an urban guerrilla cell against Obama,” the source told Reuters.
Local authorities in Cartagena told NBC News that two small bombs also went off in Cartagena, about a 45-minute drive away from the summit site itself.

American politics, though, will make the episode larger-than-life.

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