Boomer Prince

November 10, 2013

picasso1Clear and bright-as-mirrored sunshine at dawn this Sunday morning on California’s north coast, but the brilliance was quickly replaced by a deep-gray as thick ground fog rolled in from the Pacific — if you don’t like the weather up here, just wait a minute.
Coastal regions are like that, staying the same, but constantly changing.

Surfing the online news sites brings a natural reaction to a world falling apart, seam by seam, and the dumb-ass responses of a species in the cross hairs of a future so different than nowadays it’s near-ridiculous.
And in some cases, pretty obvious.

This would make me way-sad if I didn’t understand the age. We live in by-far a most-interesting time.

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Harlequin Head‘ found here).

And by ‘interesting,’ I don’t necessarily mean, ‘good.’ In fact, for the way-most part, it’s really, really bad. All this shit has to happen for life to finally become really-really-really good. Seemingly, a most-perfect storm of all the perfect storms together has been building for some time, and wind shear has most-recently increased — closer to landfall.

Anyway, an odd fixture of life is living. This week, my counterpart in age, Charles, Prince of Wales, will celebrate his 65th birthday, and two weeks later, I also turn 65 — probably been more than 60 years since I realized me and Charles are, in reality, the same age. A kind of nerd, sort of, ‘wow,’ moment when in the fifth-grade. Years and years later, of course, I felt the same sense with George Jr. — he’s two years older than me — but different, instead of ‘wow,’ now it’s WTF! The little shit — such an ignorant Eddie Haskell nit-twit.

Charles is a fairy tale, George Jr. is shit-kicking reality.
Us boomers haven’t really produced much of anything except maybe the greatest financial disaster this side of the Great Depression, or maybe the ability to just generally suck. Bubba Bill, the first boomer president — no use to go there. And then George Jr.
Boomer Charles (though, not a real boomer — seems you can’t be a ‘boomer‘ unless you’re born in America, overseas, in other countries, a person is considered just a certain age) always came across to me as a British dork. Really not all that appealing, and Diana was out of his league if he’d been just ‘Chuck’ from Manchester.
And Charles is high-order boomer — we’re just boomer assholes in the colonies.
Currently in the midst of a tour of India with his current wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Charles displayed his odd, anti-boomer-ness.
From a way-fawning piece yesterday in the UK’s Telegraph:

At a charity dinner attended by some of India’s wealthiest and most glamorous citizens, he introduced his wife the Duchess of Cornwall as his “Mehbooba”, a Hindi term of endearment best translated as his love or his beloved.
“My wife, or as I was taught in London recently by the wonderful indian diaspora community, my Mehbooba and I, are absolutely delighted to be here in Mumbai.”
The show of devotion was joyously received by an audience at the Trident Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai which included Bollywood’s biggest stars as well as an Indian cricketer or two and the country’s richest industrialists.

And by the way, what about George Jr?
Via Mother Jones:

Next week, former President George W. Bush is scheduled to keynote a fundraiser in Irving, Texas, for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, a group that trains people in the United States, Israel, and around the world to convince Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah.
The organization’s goal: to “restore” Israel and the Jews and bring about about the second coming of Christ.

At the November 14 event, which will be held at the Irving Convention Center, Bush will discuss his White House experiences, according to promotional materials.
Bush, the group says, will “share his passion for setting people free.”
Last year, Glenn Beck was the star of the group’s fundraiser, which was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

So, you see where that’s going…
And Bubba Bill?
Even though he’d been invited, Clinton didn’t attend Billy Graham’s 95th birthday last week. Other invitees did, however — Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.
Clinton did fondly recall where/what he was doing the day JFK was shot (the premier boomer event) for this weekend’s Parade magazine:

I was in my calculus class, my fourth-period advanced math class. I was a senior in high school. It was right after lunch that I heard. My teacher, Doyle Coe, was the assistant principal, and he was called to the phone. He came in totally ashen-faced and told us the president had been shot. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was heartbroken.

Millions of boomers can recite near-about the same scenario. Except me — I was living in Japan at the time (my dad with the DOD civil service), and heard about it when my little brother woke me up at 5 in the morning. I do remember being way-crestfallen later because the base gym had been closed in observance, and for me, no basketball.
See, us boomers were self-centered assholes earlier on in age.
And the Kennedy shooting at 60-years-of age, is right in the middle of the agenda of those dastardly boomers.

JFK was the first, real ‘boomer’ president — one, he was the first TV president, and boomers took to the boob-tube in full-forceful glee, the first generation to do so; and two, the 1960 election was the start of a conscious, political awareness for a shitload of us, whether Democrat or Republican. The previous one, four years earlier in 1956, was like a hundred-years in mental growth.
I was in sixth-grade when he was elected, and spent the ‘Camelot’ years in that Kennedy-like reality fog.
We’re the largest generation of Americans born in US history — as of 2008, there’s about 77 million of us, and at the height of this sex and storks craze in 1957, there were more than eight of us born “per minute.”
Nowadays, the rate is still about eight Americans a minute, but in 1957, the population of the US was just 171 million, not the nearly-double 317 million today. Our parents were literally bangin’ us out.
And in part with the Kennedy mantle, us boomers were feeling akin to ‘our shit don’t stink‘ as we blundered our way through the last half century.
Yet another shitload of us will gush in the next couple of weeks leading up to Nov. 22 in the amount of JFK-assassination media events — maybe this is the boomer fare-thee-well to life 50 years ago.

Nick Gillespie at The Daily Beast last week outlined the upcoming circus, and added this about the boomers who populate all the bullshit:

In such moments, the baby boomer’s deeply engrained generational arrogance and solipsism is made clear.
Since they were born, they were told—and came to believe—that the world existed always and only for them (remember when Steven Speilberg, in promoting Saving Private Ryan, declared that World War II’s deepest meaning somehow involved a generation not yet born: “It was as simple as this: The century was either going to produce the baby boomers or it was not going to produce the baby boomers”?).
Their obsessions, their memories, their hopes and dreams and fears are everybody else’s.
But after 50 years, here’s hoping that particular fever is breaking.
Not because Kennedy’s assassination wasn’t a horrible event or because questions around it and the world in which it took place still linger, but because no generation should monopolize the past, present, and future to the extent the boomers have tried.
At the very least, we owe our literal and figurative children the breathing space to get on with their lives as free of their parents’ shadow as possible.

Boomers weren’t necessarily born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it was put there later by the boomer prince of Camelot.
However, as we’ve seen in the ensuing years, life is way-more a ‘Cabaret,’ my friend.

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