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December 11, 2014

1127724The word “blowback” was invented by the CIA to put a name on their ‘unintended’ fuck-ups — one sliver of ‘blowback’ already off the ‘CIA Torture Report’ concerns the real-big lie.
From McClatchy: ‘CIA Director John Brennan, under fire over the Senate report on the CIA’s use of torture, is facing new heat over his role in what a senior lawmaker calls an apparent coverup involving bogus intelligence used by the George W. Bush administration to help justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq.’

A good horror story has many, many endings.

(Illustration found here).

Brennan should be axed immediately, if not sooner. A longtime intelligence/arrogant-asshole, he’s been a CIA hack for 34 years, working his way up to being The Company’s White House daily intel briefer during the Clinton years, and was George Tenet’s chief of staff.
After Tenet oozed away, Brennan left government to become president of The Analysis Corporation, a security consulting firm. He was also Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign intelligence adviser.
Continuing from McClatchy:

Carl Levin, D-Mich., who’s ending 36 years in the Senate, plans to press Brennan one last time to fulfill a pledge to support the full declassification of a CIA cable debunking the claim that the leader of the 9/11 hijackers met with an Iraqi intelligence officer in the Czech capital of Prague just months before the attacks.
“Director Brennan’s apparent refusal to do what he has committed to do – to ask the Czech government if it objects to release of the cable – now takes on the character of a continuing coverup,” Levin plans to tell the Senate on Thursday, according to a draft of his speech obtained by McClatchy.
At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters on Wednesday, Levin said he’s been told by Czech officials that “they have no objection” to the release of the cable.

The alleged meeting between Mohammad Atta and Ahmad Samir al Ani was repeatedly cited by former Vice President Dick Cheney before and after the invasion to bolster the Bush administration’s assertion that Saddam was in cahoots with al Qaida and could pass Iraqi weapons of mass destruction — which didn’t exist — to the terrorist group.
“The notion of such a meeting was a centerpiece of the administration’s campaign to create an impression in the public mind that Saddam was in league with the al Qaida terrorists who attacked us on 9/11,” Levin planned to tell the Senate, according to the speech draft.
“Now why am I bringing up a CIA cable from more than a decade ago?” the draft said.
“This is about giving the American people a full account of the march to war as new information becomes available.
“It is about trying to hold leaders who misled the public accountable.”‘

The March 13, 2003, cable was sent by CIA field officers in response to a request for more information on a single-source intelligence report of a meeting in a Prague park between Atta and al Ani.
The cable warned that U.S. government officials shouldn’t cite the unverified report.
Even so, Cheney continued to give the report credibility in media interviews, telling CNN in June 2004 that the truth of the report hadn’t been resolved.
“Those statements were simply not true,” Levin said in the draft.
“The vice president was recklessly disregarding the truth, and he did so in a way calculated to maintain support for the administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq.”
During his February 2013 hearing to be confirmed as CIA director, Brennan was urged by Levin to ask the Czech government if it would object to the release of the cable.
“Absolutely, Senator, I will,” Brennan replied.

Nothing came forth, though, reportedly Brennan did release ‘…a single line from the cable that said, “There is not one USG (U.S. government counterterrorism) or FBI expert that . . . has said they have evidence or ‘know’ that (Atta) was indeed (in Prague). In fact, the analysis has been quite the opposite.”

And from within the the exact bowels of the ‘CIA Torture Report,’ The Dick also chimed loudly-bluster with his usual, self-centered bullshit, though, he seemed to acknowledge the rectal-feeding torture technique, claiming: ‘“The report is full of crap.”

The asshole, however, does appear to unwittingly shed truth to the most-plausible concept that George Jr had to know what the CIA was doing (via the BBC): ‘The Senate report said the agency misled politicians about the programme. But the former Republican vice-president dismissed this, saying: “The notion that the committee is trying to peddle that somehow the agency was operating on a rogue basis and that we weren’t being told – that the president wasn’t being told – is a flat-out lie.”

The Dick, though, forgets what lie told where and to whom, and can get caught in a twisted-reverse lie — via Bloomberg on Cheney’s interview yesterday at Fox News:

When Baier mentioned the case of one terrorism suspect, Gul Rahman, who died while in captivity after being shackled naked in a dungeon-like secret CIA facility, Cheney fired back, “3,000 Americans died on 9/11 because of what these guys did, and I have no sympathy for them.
“I don’t know the specific details. I’m sure there were specific instances cited in the report, I haven’t read the report, but I know for a fact—”
“Now wait a minute, you haven’t read it?” Baier interrupted.
“6,000 pages? No, not yet.” Cheney responded.
“How about 500 summary –” Baier continued, before being interrupted again.
“I’ve see parts of it, I’ve read summaries of it,” Cheney said.

The Dick is one of the most-despicable public folks, ever.

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