June 25, 2015

Barack-ObamaA marine-layer burn-off this Thursday morning on California’s north coast, and already sunshine is melting through the fog, leading maybe to temperatures today in the low 70s even here along the shoreline.
The interior remains hot as a firecracker — triple-digit numbers can be found not so far inland.

Of course, the big news right now, and which will reverberate all day long: ‘“Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them…In a democracy, the power to make the law rests with those chosen by the people. Our role is more confined — to say what the law is.”

Obamacare A-okay…

(Illustration found here).

Seemingly this morning the Supreme Court ruling came early, even by the far-eastern DC times.
Via the WSJ:

A few smiles broke out across the room as people realized the court was heading toward upholding the subsidies, but the chief justice remained unemotional while he read.

After Chief Justice Roberts finished, Justice Antonin Scalia read a blistering dissent, drawing giggles when he suggested the law should be dubbed “Scotuscare” because of the court’s efforts to save it.
Chief Justice Roberts didn’t crack a smile.
Justice Scalia concluded: “I respectfully dissent.”
At that point, the chief justice quickly looked at him and seemed to shrug his shoulders.
The justices then quickly rose and left.
Outside the Supreme Court building, supporters of the health law pivoted quickly to celebration, and a chant broke out: “If you’re covered and you know it, say hooray.”

Not so much for the GOP assholes, who can never back down on stupid, self-centered bullshit.
Yet one knows Republicans have no care for reality, truth and compassion — via CNN in September 2009:

The outburst came when Obama denied that proposed health care legislation would provide free health coverage for illegal immigrants. Immediately, Wilson shouted, “You lie!”
The outburst caused Obama to stop and look toward the heckler.
“That’s not true,” the president responded.
Behind him, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared shocked and turned toward the outburst as Vice President Joe Biden looked down and shook his head.
Loud boos echoed through the chamber immediately after the outburst.
While it was the most attention-getting, Wilson’s shout wasn’t the only demonstration of displeasure made by Republicans during the speech.
Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, wore a sign around his neck that said, “What bill?”
And when Obama asked Republicans to share their health reform ideas with him, a small group raised up a stack of papers above their heads.

Childish, and ignorant, along with being nasty assholes.
Some with roots deep into the ugly: ‘In November 1999, then-state Sen. Joe Wilson (R), who now serves in Congress and famously heckled the president with “you lie” during the State of the Union speech, said, “That’s offensive to me that they would take my heritage and make it into a Holocaust era-type description. I find that very offensive, and it’s not true. The Southern heritage, the Confederate heritage is very honorable.”

A bad place, this US of A, right now…but one nice touch, all that Southern shit got sucked down real-quick, nearly-faster than you could say the “N” word — which Obama invoked in a recent interview to not lie about race.

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