Terror Is As Terror Does

June 26, 2015

Dali-31-giants-la-jolla-jewelryA light-overcast through a thin marine layer this early Friday on California’s north coast — a bright-gray light to end the work-week.
Appears as if yesterday: quick burn-off, a warm afternoon tempered by a cool breeze (maybe low-70s at the shoreline) — the interior, however, continues to fry fairly-well. In the forests and mountain valleys to the east, the NWS has a ‘Red Flag Warning’ for the possibility of “high-based dry-thunderstorms,” leading to wildfires — triple-digit temperatures most-likely, too.

In a metaphorical lede for this morning’s news pitch — red-fucking-flag warning for three terror attacks today in three different countries, killing more than 40 people, including a decapitation.
Meanwhile, closer to home and seemingly under-reported, a “really big fire” Wednesday at a church with a mostly-black congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina, was ruled as ‘arson,’ but investigators don’t know yet if it’s a ‘hate’ crime.

(Illustration: Salvador Dalí woodcut, ‘Enferno Chant 31: The Giants,’ found here).

Another Duh!
And absolutely-no word, of course, if the intentionally-set fire was an act of ‘terrorism’ — US AG Loretta Lynch thinks Dylann Roof, the shooter in Charleston, SC, is a domestic terrorist, ‘hate’ based on race an ideology just like the assholes out of the Middle East.
Via USAToday:

“(It’s) very similar to Roof,” Lynch said.
“People disaffected, people being radicalized online.
“Roof picked this racial hatred theme and that’s what fueled him. Others picked the ISIL theme, and that’s what fuels them.”
The similarities, the attorney general said, also are contributing to a public debate over whether the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., should be characterized as “terrorism.”

“Hate crimes are the original domestic terrorism,” Lynch said, referring to the early hate-inspired criminal campaigns waged by the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups.

So from that standpoint, the arson fire in Charlotte could be considered domestic terrorism, unless there’s some other nefarious reason for the fire, like insurance fraud, or whatever. The history of the church could be a reflection of how race has shifted in this country.
From the Charlotte Observer:

“When I got here I was even amazed to see that the flames were so high,” Mannix Kinsey, the pastor at Briar Creek Road Baptist Church, told WBTV.
“I am thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, this church is going to be destroyed.’”

Kinsey’s wife, Rhonda, is the co-pastor.
Both are African-American.
About 100 people, most of them black, attend the church.
It also shares the campus with two or three immigrant churches, including one whose members were born in Nepal.
Briar Creek Baptist began in 1951 as Commonwealth Baptist Church.
And for the next three decades or so, it was a predominantly white church.
But, as the demographics of the neighborhood changed, so did the congregation.
And about 13 years ago, the church called an African-American pastor, the Rev. Dennis Hall.
When he left a few years ago, Briar Creek Baptist turned to Kinsey, then one of its leading members, to pastor the church.

And to a shitload of assholes, this strikes horrifying terror into the American heart: ‘The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the United States Friday in a closely divided ruling that will stand as a milestone in its 226-year history.’

Well, duh…

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