Hoisting Hillary

October 14, 2015

20141127_111921Clear sunshine and warm air this early Wednesday afternoon on California’s north coast as we continue an Indian Summer scenario — rain still strongly expected for Friday night and Saturday, but there’s still time.

The initial Democrat debate whipped out last night in Las Vegas, and odds are, all involved came across as sane. And despite all the ‘boredom’ pre-show bullshit, the largest-watched Democratic debate ever — also the sixth-biggest nonsports cable telecast in history.

Hillary’s now sitting in the old, proverbial catbird’s seat, apparently the presidency hers to lose: ‘“Clinton went into the debate the frontrunner and she came out exactly the same – probably strengthened in that role,” judged University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato and the crew at his “Crystal Ball” newsletter, for instance.’

Against the dangerous, idiot-vileness of Hillary’s GOP opponent, no matter who, one hopes the American voter keeps their shit together inside the booth.

Artwork of Hillary shown above was sketched by my youngest daughter, Melissa, sometime during the 2008 primary season — and became a permanent magnet-picture on my refrigerator door.
Feels a way-lot longer ago than just close-to-eight years — a lot of shit under the bridge since then.

And it’s still a long way from November 2016…

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