Super-Duper Tuesday

June 7, 2016

Picasso_bird_goat_dancingGray skies and chilly air this early Tuesday on California’s north coast, a supposed-start to a cooling off period as a low pressure system is swirling down south of us, dipping temperatures.
If in normal, routine conditions, the weather should get clear and windy for this afternoon.

On this, the last, big presidential-primary day, with voters working the levers in six states — especially here in California — the weather front is as different as east and west: ‘Wet weather is in store for those heading to the polls in the evening across New Jersey…Based on past weather and voting trends, lower temperatures are proportional to a higher voting turnout for the state, according to AccuWeather Business Intelligence Analyst Tim Loftus…On the West Coast, areas along the California coast will remain seasonable and quiet for the primary.’

Political-weather at Category-5-hurricane levels…

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Musician, Dancer, Goat & Bird‘ found here).

Supposedly, Hillary Clinton made the record books last night, ‘becoming the first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major political party in U.S. history,’ by surpassing the needed 2,383 delegates for the honor — despite California, and Bernie Sanders.
Today’s primary here is going to be a bitch, and will make the next few days/weeks awkward.
The problem being how the Bern runs…

This morning, Nancy Pelosi stood up for Clinton, but added a caveat in this hurricane season:

‘I’m a voter in California, and I have voted for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and proud to endorse her for that position,’ Pelosi said.
‘But I hasten to say, that it’s not over until it’s over.’

Closer to my home, voters up here will decide on Humboldt County’s next two supervisors from the 2nd and 3rd districts — First District Supervisor Rex Bohn is running unopposed — and our state rep., Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), is after running for a third term. He’s got three challengers.
The way-big item, though, is Clinton-Sanders.

Although polls have shown they’re pretty-much neck-and-neck here, the big announcement last night on Hillary’s delegate math could keep a lot of people from voting — she’s won already!
Interesting day…

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