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June 8, 2016

20141127_111921Overcast and gray this early Wednesday, and cool, too — temperature-wise.
And the neat-cool is Hillary Clinton geared for the presidency.

Problem in the woodpile is Bernie Sanders. Amy Davidson at The New Yorker this morning:

Early in the speech, before he made his intentions entirely clear, Sanders said, “We will not allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States.”
That could have been the prelude to a call to get his supporters ready for Hillary.
It wasn’t quite that, as fierce as Sanders was about Trump.
“We will not allow right-wing Republicans to control our government,” he said.
“And that is especially true with Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.”
Sanders simply did not believe the American people would support a candidate “whose major theme is bigotry.”

(Illustration: Drawing by my daughter of Clinton from 2008 — good likeness, huh?)

Decent-sounding news with Clinton getting an overwhelming victory in yesterday’s California’s primary — plus big wins in New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota — which should push Sanders in the right direction and concentrate now on the general election. However, some stiffness still remains.
Via the Guardian:

The senator from Vermont, his voice hoarse, struggled to be heard above screaming supporters in Santa Monica.
“We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington DC,” he said, referring to the caucus that is last in line to vote next week.
Promising to continue all the way to the July convention, he added: “And then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia.”
However, the short speech from Sanders, amid reports that he plans to lay off up to half his staff on Wednesday, added to the expectation that his campaign may soon wind down.

Hopefully soon, due to the dumb-ass insanity of the “shit stain” and the pure-crazed GOP.
An interesting view this morning of the next five months of crazy from Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast — key points:

The Democratic Party has now nominated in succession the country’s first African American and its first woman.
This is a great sign of progress, but more tellingly it’s a sign of what the two major parties have become over the course of the past 20 years.
The Democrats are the party of multicultural America, while the Republicans have become in essence a white ethno-nationalist party.
Yes, it has some nonwhites, but it’s a party whose raison d’etre is increasingly to save white America from the new hordes, a point made clearly by its collective decision to reject two Latino nominees and instead elevate the first openly racist major-party candidate since maybe Woodrow Wilson.
So now it’s (almost) officially Clinton vs. Trump, the question is, what will it look like?
Big-time ugly.
Trump, in his speech, said he’s giving a speech next Monday about the Clintons and corruption, signaling what his campaign is basically going to be about.
And Clinton already showed us last week in that San Diego speech on Trump and foreign policy, and reminded us again in splashes Tuesday night, that her main argument is going to be that temperamentally and otherwise, Trump just doesn’t belong in the Oval Office.
Every election, people like me say, “This is going to be the nastiest presidential election ever,” and, every time, it turns out to be true — each one has been a little nastier than the last.
But this one is going to be hyper-space nasty.
The key challenge for Clinton is going to be one of tone and balance — she’ll need to find a way to trade punches with Trump without letting him get in her head and without reducing herself to his drooling level.
This is what the other Republicans could never get right.
Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz let Trump get inside their heads, toy with them the way Ali used to toy with the bums of the month he was fighting in 1963.
Marco Rubio made the mistake of lowering himself to Trump’s level, trading insults.
As I tweeted at the time, the two of them came off like Don Rickles and Joan Rivers.
Rubio was good at it, but it wasn’t what people wanted out of him, and it certainly isn’t what voters want out of Clinton.

Hopefully, again, The Donald self-destructs in a flaming shit-fit — he’s crazy enough.
Just don’t burn us, Bernie…

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