Wednesday: Super Tuesday! Or Whatever

March 4, 2020

America is on a threshold of some heavy shit.

(Illustration: Elizabeth Warren, found here).

Yesterday, my most-favorite Elizabeth Warren went down in sad flames in the Super Tuesday primaries played out over 14 states, and American Samoa — Mike Bloomberg’s only win. He finished in better position than Warren in that respect, as Joe Biden nailed 10 state-wins, Bernie Sanders four, and Elizabeth zilch.
In fact, early figures show her nabbing just 36 of the 1,357 needed for nomination, though, more should show up after California completes it tally. Elizabeth’s highest finish was third in her own state of Massachusetts, but most found her in fourth, including the state of her youth, Oklahoma.

In my humble estimate, Elizabeth Warren is the best choice for an America in the throes of chaos and bullshit with all kinds of workable plans from health issues, student debt to Wall Street — she would more-align our country to further offset the T-Rump disaster.
Pisses me off, too, when her problem is nothing but air — Paul Campos at LGM this morning:

Elizabeth Warren’s biggest problem was that she’s a woman.
The exact same qualities that made Barack Obama so attractive — super smart Harvard Law product with a folksy common touch — were the very things that made her unattractive to voters. (The intelligence was off-putting, the folksiness was somehow fake, Harvard is elitist!).
Why the difference?
Because she’s a woman, and not the ex-wife a very popular ex-president.
Sure she made mistakes, unlike the perfect campaigns run by Joe “I Personally Broke Nelson Mandela Out of Prison” Biden and Bernie “Viva Fidel” Sanders, but in the end the problem was her gender, because misogyny.

We’re back to a couple of old white men. Biden appears to have regenerated himself back into being the front-runner and Sanders is now burning up second place — maybe. However, the main nexus is the core to the Bern, the youth vote and yesterday the youngsters apparently stayed home: ‘It doesn’t matter how much young people like you if they don’t show up to vote.

However, Bernie proclaimed after it was obvious Biden won the day:

“Tonight I tell you with absolute confidence, we’re going to win the Democratic nomination, and we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country,” Sen. Bernie Sanders told his cheering supporters Tuesday night in Essex Junction, Vermont.
“You cannot beat Trump with the same old, same old kind of politics,” he said, referring to his leading opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“What we need is a new politics that brings working class people into our movement; which brings young people into our political movement; and which in November will create the highest voter turnout in American political history.”

I really don’t know about that, though, I really hope so…

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Hell Canto 2: Giants,’ found here).

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