Italian Doctors Fighting Coronavirus Warns — ‘We wish to convey a strong message: Get ready!’

March 10, 2020

Although the irony is absolutely lost, the T-Rump claiming Joe Biden ‘“doesn’t know where he is, or what he’s doing” ‘ is way-remarkable in the context of the reality actually infused in our so-called president. In our current health predicament with the coronavirus, the T-Rump is an idiot, a dangerous idiot:

For those of us who are overwhelmingly aware of his record, Trump’s lack of qualifications for such a crucial job have always been blindingly obvious.
As the coronavirus expands its reach, however, average voters who are neither political commentators or adoring loyalists deeply embedded inside his cult of tyranny are just now catching up in shocked horror to Trump’s inability to handle the job.
You can almost hear the sickening thud of jaws dropping at one example after another of the president’s laundry list of fumbles in the face of a deadly emergency — job-performance deficiencies that make George W. Bush’s presidency seem like Abe Lincoln by way of Capt. Steve Rogers.
These bungled and botched reactions are rapidly fusing into our third simultaneous crisis, a “Trump Crisis,” inevitably worsening both the pandemic and the stock market free-fall.
While Trump clearly didn’t cause the pandemic, his total absence of sober and, most important, trustworthy leadership has worsened it, not unlike the mayor of Amity Island’s reaction to the shark attacks in “Jaws.”
This is where it might be nice to have a president who can be trusted, at least as much as Americans have trusted other presidents in a crisis, rather than a buffoon whose very appearance is a lie — a makeup-slathered, badly-coiffed hustler who lies with the same unblinking ease as the Stones performing “Satisfaction,” to the tune of nearly 17,000 lies in a little more than three years.

This whole affair is also eye-opening (or ‘jaws dropping‘) for a way-shitload of Americans who don’t usually pay much attention to the individual news cycles, most-likely a pretty-huge segment, and due to many varied legitimate reasons pay less attention to detailed accounts of the horrifying nuisances of the T-Rump’s antics, beyond the tiny tuffs presented on nightly broadcast news shows. And now with coronavirus there’s such a continuous flow of news reports everywhere on the same subject, each seemingly worse by the half-day, that these people are blown-away by the sloppy incomtempence of the T-Rump’s vile response, and most-likely scared shitless.
Everybody at this moment can just see/feel/understand details of how health-hazardous the T-Rump. People are dying.

Just think, the entire country of Italy is right now placed in quarantine — 168 has died in just the past 24 hours, highest single day since the virus hit the country, 631 total. Pretty-heavy shit, there.
Supposedly, a similar scenario-fate coming to America (Vox): “We are seeing a high percentage of positive cases being admitted to our intensive care units (ICUs), in the range of 10 per cent of all positive patient[s],” Italian doctors warned in a public letter. “We wish to convey a strong message: Get ready!”
Hey! An exclamation point there…
In rapid context across the pond already, New York state today created a “containment area” in one community (New Rochelle), and be supported by the National Guard, hopefully to stop/slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the announcement: ‘“It is a dramatic action, but it is the largest cluster in the country…And this is literally a matter of life and death.”

Further tending to the terror of vile idiocy of the horrifying nit-twit in charge, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics, posted at MarketWatch this morning on the T-Rump’s worse qualities in narcissistic-influenced attempts to handle a crisis — some snips:

No U.S. presidential administration has done more to undermine global cooperation and the role of government than that of Donald Trump.
And yet, when we face a crisis like an epidemic or a hurricane, we turn to government, because we know that such events demand collective action.
We cannot go it alone, nor can we rely on the private sector.
All too often, profit-maximizing firms will see crises as opportunities for price gouging, as is already evident in the rising prices of face masks.
Unfortunately, since President Ronald Reagan’s administration, the mantra in the U.S. has been that “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”
Taking that nostrum seriously is a dead-end road, but Trump has traveled further down it than any other U.S. political leader in memory.
At the center of the U.S. response to the COVID-19 crisis is one of the country’s most venerable scientific institutions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has traditionally been staffed with committed, knowledgeable, highly trained professionals.
To Trump, the ultimate know-nothing politician, such experts pose a serious problem, because they will contradict him whenever he tries to make up facts to serve his own interests.

Nonetheless, as Linda Bilmes of the Harvard Kennedy School points out, the Trump administration has proposed cuts to the CDC’s funding year after year (10-percent in 2018, 19-percent in 2019).
At the start of this year, Trump, demonstrating the worst timing imaginable, called for a 20-percent cut in spending on programs to fight emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases (that is, pathogens like coronaviruses, which originate in animals and jump to humans).
And in 2018, he eliminated the National Security Council’s global health security and biodefense directorate.
Not surprisingly, the administration has proved ill-equipped to deal with the outbreak.
Though COVID-19 reached epidemic proportions weeks ago, the U.S. has suffered from insufficient testing capacity (even compared to a much poorer country like South Korea) and inadequate procedures and protocols for handling potentially exposed travelers returning from abroad.
This subpar response should serve as yet another reminder that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
But Trump’s all-purpose panacea for any economic threat is simply to demand more monetary-policy easing and tax cuts (typically for the rich), as if cutting interest rates is all that is needed to generate another stock-market boom.

And the T-Rump is indeed an a vile idiot, a stooge for his cruel-ugly self, though, unlike some stooges:

Onward as so it goes

(Illustration: ‘Meditative Rose‘ (1958), Salvador Dali, found here)


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