Village Party Of Elderly Idiots Hosted By A Pervert And A Loony Tune — Part Forever

May 8, 2021

A way-clear example of just how really, really screwed this country is right now, when two cmplete asshole-liars and most-shitty of people churn-up the bubble-living old folks of south Florida into a scream-like rant of delusion and fantasy, which apparently has no bounds.
The statement, “I seen it on TV,” doesn’t really do justice to seeing something that actually wasn’t there.

Reality is only real when it’s what you want to believe:

Matt Gaetz, a sleaze under DOJ investigation for sex-trafficking a minor, corruption and assoted shit, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, a wingnut, QAnon-sprouter, total-MAGA hatter, held a rally last night, which produced further proof of how exactly fucked-up the Republican party and its massive danger to America — some disheartening, sordid details via The Washington Post this morning:

Greene opened the rally by perpetuating Trump’s baseless claim that the presidential election was stolen — and found a willing audience.

“Tell me who’s your president?!” Greene called to the crowd upon taking the stage.

“Donald Trump!” they shouted back without hesitation.

Much like Trump had done, Greene and Gaetz cast themselves as Washington outsiders who could better relate to “proud American patriots” like the ones assembled in the audience.
They accused the media of being “fake news” and mocked Democrats’ “wokeness” — but also blasted “Republicans in Name Only” who dared to go against Trump and his agenda.

“If Liz Cheney could even find Wyoming on a map and get there, she would find a lot of very angry cowboys,” Gaetz said, referring to the Wyoming congresswoman who voted to impeach Trump and is now at risk of being overthrown from her No. 3 leadership spot in the GOP.

“It’s the establishment against the rest of us,” Gaetz added.

Greene said she had never wanted to be a member of Congress — “a dirty rotten job, I’ll tell you that much” — until she saw Trump run for president “and I liked what he had to say.”
She suggested she had the time to launch “America First” rallies because she had been stripped of her House committee assignments for her past extremist remarks and support of the QAnon ideology that has radicalized its followers.

“We have a right to bear arms in this country and we will use it!” Gaetz declared.
“The Second Amendment … is about maintaining within the citizenry the ability to maintain an armed rebellion against the tyrannical government. People may not like that. It might not be politically correct. But that is the truth.”

The hour-long rally ended with a call for those who supported Trump to “not wave the flag of surrender,” even though Trump had lost the White House and Republicans had lost control of the House and Senate.

“This is not a movement for the timid or the tired. This is a movement about winning — winning so much that we get tired of it,” Gaetz shouted.
“After all, isn’t that what we were promised?”

And just to display the elderly pandemic/political idiocy: Nancy Formisano, a snow-haired 73-year-old wearing a tag that read “The Villages for Trump VIP member,” held a red placard with Greene’s name near the rear of the ballroom. “It only holds 400 people,” the maskless Trumper told The Daily Beast. “But they crammed in as many as they could. I’m just so glad so many people showed up.”

Wonder why we can have nice things…and I’m an old guy, too, shit-on-a-stick…
She looks like one:

“I got better…”

(Illustration: Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity)‘ found here).

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