Capitol Insurrection/Riot/Coup An ‘Organized Conspiracy’ — Despite The Lies

January 19, 2022

As we continue to watch the prosecution of the Jan. 6 insurrectionists/rioters the entire scenario is noted for the absence of anyone above the Capitol-building invaders — no T-Rump conspiracy assholes.

Although the recent indictments of criminal Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy was a big legal leap in bringing the entire coup attempt by the T-Rump asshole armada to public review, putting the spotlight on the T-Rump himself is hopefully just a little way down the road. There’s a promise for this year, especially with the public hearings from the House select committee on Jan. 6.

In the hopes of a soon-to-be T-Rump burn

In the legalese, glimmer of an inkling on courtroom appearances to come — per The New York Times yesterday:

But on Tuesday, for the first time, evidence emerged in court papers that prosecutors have posed questions to at least one Jan. 6 defendant that were “focused on establishing an organized conspiracy” involving Mr. Trump and his allies to “disrupt” the work of Congress.

The papers were filed by a defense lawyer in the case of Brandon Straka, a former hair stylist who founded a group called the Walk Away Foundation, which seeks to persuade Democratic voters to leave the party.

On the day before the Capitol was stormed, Mr. Straka spoke at a pro-Trump rally in Washington with prominent right-wing figures like the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Mr. Straka was also at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
In October, he pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, admitting, among other things, that he had urged a crowd outside the building to wrest a riot shield away from a police officer.

Last week, prosecutors filed a sentencing memo in his case, recommending that he serve four months of home detention. The memo noted that Mr. Straka had met with prosecutors earlier this month as part of his plea agreement and had been “cooperative” in answering their questions.

It remains unclear exactly what those questions were, but Mr. Straka’s lawyer, Bilal Essayli, offered a broad description in his client’s own sentencing memo, which was filed on Tuesday.
In the memo, Mr. Essayli said that during Mr. Straka’s interview with prosecutors, “the government was focused on establishing an organized conspiracy between defendant, President Donald J. Trump, and allies of the former president to disrupt the joint session of Congress on Jan. 6.”
Mr. Straka “answered all questions truthfully and denied the existence of any such plot,” Mr. Essayli’s memo said.

Regarding the Jan. 6 insurrection/riot this is the first indication that maybe bigger and nastier assholes are in the sights of legal functions and could maybe open the gates on T-Rump and his lackeys and bootlickers and coup creators. We can only hope — as supposedly it springs eternal.
Yeah right!

Anyway, here we are once again…

(Illustration out front is of a New York state high-school student exhibit: ‘The piece was displayed during student-driven art show at Shenendehowa High School. It consisted of at least 12 identical black-and-white pictures of Donald Trump. There was also a sign above the pictures that read, “Draw on Me.” Using markers from the art classroom, some students opted to scribble critical messages and profanities on the pictures‘ — and found here).


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