Joe And Grown-Up Talk

January 24, 2022

After performing sub-level work on a continuous basis, Fox News‘ Peter Doocy today appeared once again on the receiving end of reality inspired by obvious sense and truth — Joe Biden slipped into the common-man repertoire in calling out a stupid son of a bitch as a stupid son of a bitch.
InterWebs went daffy:

Joe was just being Joe — via The Washington Post late this afternoon:

President Biden on Monday was caught on a hot microphone using an epithet to describe a reporter who asked him a question about inflation and the midterm elections during a White House event on lowering prices for American families.

The reporter, Peter Doocy of Fox News Channel, was one of several who shouted questions at the president at the end of Monday’s event.
“Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?” Doocy asked.

Biden responded by ridiculing Doocy’s question, then using an obscenity to describe Doocy himself.
“It’s a great asset. More inflation,” Biden said sarcastically, adding: “What a stupid son of a bitch.”

Fox News Channel and the White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Soon after Biden made the comment, Doocy stood outside of the White House to join Fox News Channel’s panel show, “The Five,” and gave his telling of what happened.

According to Doocy, as the event drew to a close, members of the media pool began to shout questions at Biden, who said he wouldn’t take any off-topic questions.
“So, I shouted out something that’s not on my two pages of questions about crime,” Doocy said, holding the pages up to the camera.
Instead, he shouted his question about inflation and the midterms. Biden’s response was caught on a microphone, but Doocy couldn’t hear it at the time.

It wasn’t until later that someone approached Doocy in the briefing room to tell him what Biden said. But Doocy and Fox News host Jesse Watters laughed it all off, it seemed.
“So, Doocy, I think the president is right, you are a stupid SOB,” Watters said to laughter from the other panelists.
“Yeah,” Doocy replied with a smirk.
“Nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it’s not true.”

And calling a dipshit, a dipshit. I will take exception, however, to the Post calling Biden’s word usage an epithet,’ unless Joe was intent on grouping Doofus Doocy within a Fox News/right-wing media context, and was describing ‘the part of a taxonomic name identifying a subordinate unit within a genus.’

So in turn, Doocy seems to relish being an asshole — Duh! Fox News!
No stranger to ‘epithets,’ T-Rump brags his ass:

Doofus Doocy also had a run-in once again with Jen Psaki today, making a full assault on SOB status:

Nutshell per Raw Story this afternoon:

At Monday’s White House briefing, Doocy noted that seven Virginia school districts have sued Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) over his ban on mask mandates.
“So who does the president think knows best for students? School board members or parents?” Doocy asked.

“The president believes that public health officials have the best guidance on what we can all do to protect ourselves,” Psaki replied.
“Studies show that masks reduce transmissions in school. They are a proven tool that helps keep teachers safe from Covid and they can thus help keep schools open and safe.”

Doocy continued to fixate on the issue of parental rights.
“So if a parent wants to send their kid to school with no mask, should that child be allowed to go to school and be in class?” Doocy wondered.

“Again, what we’re advising school districts on is to abide by public health guidelines and follow public health guidelines,” Psaki explained.
“It’s about keeping an entire community safe and those are the decisions that people should focus on making.”

Unhappy with Psaki’s response, Doocy attempted to answer his own question.
“Just so it’s crystal clear for anybody watching, you guys think that ultimately in this conflict between school board members and parents, the school board members should have more of a say,” the Fox News correspondent stated.

“That’s actually not what I said,” Psaki observed.
“I think everybody should abide by public health guidelines, not just to keep their own kids safe, but keep their school community safe, whether it’s teachers, classmates, administrators or others in schools.”

One must remember right-wing everybody lives to get nasty feedback on everything — Doocy and all those asshole media nutteries force people to utter things like What a moron (Anthony Fauci), or Joe’s ‘Stupid son of a bitch,” mainly that’s because they are really, really full of obvious chaotic shit. And want nothing more than to create waves instead of governing, or news reporting.

Psaki continues to shine — a CJ Cregg notable:

And here we are, yet once again…

(Illustration out front: ‘Joe Biden,’ acrylic by Billy Jackson, and found here).

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