Time Off Part Near-Finish: ‘Galleys’ Edit Edtion

January 29, 2022

Here this near-mid-day Saturday a notice I’ll be taking some ‘time off‘ from blog writing again to continue with the editing of my soon-to-be-published first novel, “Brown-Eyed Girl With A Cold Corona” — my last ‘time off‘ post and background to the whole literary affair can be found here.

I’m self-publishing ‘Corona’ gal via Outskirts Press, and I just received my digital author galleys and although I supposedly have a couple of weeks to review/edit, I want to get through this as fast as possible. So that’s why the blog will be short posts for a few days, or for how long it will take to complete the chore. Reportedly, the publishing date maybe the end of next month.

A shot of my front/back cover:

See you on the other side — sad, but emotional tune for the times, “Just Breathe,” by Pearl Jam:

Yet still it goes as here we are, once again…

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