News Media Falling-Down On The Job — Cut The ‘Trope’ Crap

April 10, 2022

Late-afternoon Sunday here in California’s Central Valley as the weekend quickly comes to a close in seemingly record time — and starting tomorrow another high-speed workweek consisting of an overflowing outhouse of every kind-of-bad-shit.
Rain forecast for here tomorrow, too, so there’s that, but again, a shit-kick in the wind.

I saw this earlier and noted it might explain Joe Biden’s low popular standings in the polls — the media has it back-ass-backwards:

Media columnist Margaret Sullivan at The Washington Post, updated this afternoon, explains the flimsy work of the MSM in telling the real truth on our political scene, especially with the negative economic news with Biden and dumb Democrat scenarios that are a direct lie to reality — high points:

In his last post before his tragic death last week, the media critic Eric Boehlert argued that journalists are purposely putting President Biden’s accomplishments, including job growth, in a negative light; he asserted that the press is actually “rooting against Biden.”

I’m less convinced that the press purposely is out to get Biden. For one thing, that would require more forethought and coordination than the mainstream media is capable of.
Biden’s press coverage has been pretty negative, but that has more to do with the media’s addiction to conflict and the unending desire for a cohesive narrative. (“Democrats in disarray” is a favorite trope.)
But the public’s lack of knowledge on jobs ought to sound an alarm bell for journalists.
If we’re putting information out there, truthfully and in real time, and people aren’t getting it, some significant share of the blame falls on us.

“It should be a wake-up call,” said Tom Rosenstiel, a professor at the University of Maryland’s journalism school and formerly the executive director of the American Press Institute.
The lack of understanding, he told me, “is not entirely the media’s fault, but it should be their concern.”

I agree. I’ve often taught college and graduate students, and I’d be pretty worried about my methods if vast numbers of students came away believing the opposite of what I was trying to get across.
I’d have to conclude that there was some problem with the way I was transmitting information.

Sullivan offers a three-point plan to mobilize a solution to this one-sided shit:

First, find some balance in the current economic coverage, which has pounded away relentlessly at soaring inflation but mentioned job growth or wage increases only in passing. To be sure, inflation is a major and legitimate concern, particularly because of the high cost of putting food on the table and gas in the car or truck.

But high costs also are a particularly easy story for TV news to do. The visuals == gas station price signs, for example — are there for the taking.
The jobs story may be less immediate and compelling, but it is also important.

Second, examine the knee-jerk media narrative, which goes like this: Biden’s approval numbers are down, and that’s because the economy is bad. That framing has been relentless, and it is self-fulfilling.
It’s all part of the horse-race coverage that journalists are addicted to, but that doesn’t serve the public.

And third, cover all aspects of the new world of work more rigorously and more creatively. At many news organizations, the traditional labor beat was dismantled years ago.
It should be brought back in reinvented form with attention paid to the gig economy, working from home, the burgeoning unionization movement and more.

It’s a deep, fascinating, close-to-home topic with great story potential — including the potential to give citizens a far better understanding of what’s really going on.

Indeed, a beginning to a mission portraying the actual focus of the Biden White House and the good work they’ve done this past year, which in turn, would be exposing the shameless, full-blown lying done by Republicans, and screamed aloud by the right-wing media assholes like Fox News. A lot of people are in the bubble, and a lot of people are outside the bubble but due to life’s constraints (children, work, etc.) don’t pay that much attention to what’s not been said in the saying of it.
Hard to distinguish the lie when you don’t know/understand the truth.

Weekend ending or not, here we are once again…

(Illustration out front found here).

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