Sunday Sundowner

August 14, 2022

Late-afternoon Sunday here in California’s Central Valley — hot time in the summertime. After a couple of weeks of fairly-nice weather, we’re heading into a fertile hotplate of scorcher temperatures and blistering sunshine this week. Although the NWS announced an ‘Excessive Heat Wave’ wouldn’t officially start until Tuesday, the wave is two days early — right now it’s 102 outside.

Our local ambiance:

I whine from where I’m parked, but it’s about the same all over the world, and I mean everywhere. The word ‘excessive‘ is pined to not only the word, ‘heat,’ but ironically, also to the words, ‘rain,’ and ‘flooding,’ too.  Weather is a near-top main topic nowadays. And, though, a dismal, pessimistic topic, a highly-required one. Despite the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last week, drastic action on climate change is essential to tone down the worse shit coming, but time is slipping away.

In a blog such as ‘Compatible Creatures,’ the actual writing can sometimes get dogged-down into non-existence by the overwhelming deluge of highly-charged news items, other than artciles/stories on climate change. Politics, and especially the assholes in and around T-Rump.
Beyond climate-change deniers and liars, they deflect the horror coming via global warming onto the lesser shine of toxic life of everything Republican. And so, depressing the news cycle, and the shit from our news media.
Republicans are really, really shitty. And they need to be called on it, and then pissed away via the ballot box in November. However, like the anxiety off the harsh reality of climate change, T-Rump and this ‘new civil war’ period is a sad grunt from my laptop. Stories start to pile on top of themselves and it just becomes too much to handle in composing a post worth reading. I try, though.

Doomscrolling the InterWebs this afternoon, I did run across the best take on the current Republican mindset having to do with T-Rump and the law — it came from former Homeland Security adviser Olivia Troye regarding GOPer Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio, who excuse-sweat-flopped the T-Rump in the classified documents fiasco (via Raw Story):

“I watched that interview earlier when it aired today and I have to tell you, I was disgusted with Congressman Turner especially given the fact he is the ranking Republican on the House Intel Committee and the fact that he would show just complete disregard for intelligence and national security documents,” said Troye in an interview with Jim Acosta.
“It doesn’t matter what’s in the documents, Jim. What matters is these documents don’t belong down in Mar-a-Lago, where there’s a bunch of foreigners going in and out of the place and putting potentially national security information at risk. And so that’s neither here nor there.”

She went on to say that it was “preposterous,” Turner would dismiss the documents as unimportant even if they were classified because they were from two years ago.

“That says a lot about what his knowledge must be on the intelligence community because he should know better and understand in many situations, intelligence operations take a decade, if not more than a decade to kind of get into place and takes a long time to develop,” Troye explained.
“I found the entire interview insane. These are the type of people that are fueling this kind of dangerous sort of narratives, dangerous rhetoric, fueling violence, potentially, political violence across the country as we are seeing it directed at FBI offices today and we’re seeing the protests outside of the FBI again.”

Anyway, the pile of news this past week has carried a fragrance unknown, though it does imply a sense of both great hope and optimism, and at the same time, a flood of scary-ass shit causing one to maybe run screaming away into the mountains, or just sit quietly until the crazy-Monty Python-madness passes.

And to play us out this now near-early-evening is the wondrous Annie Lennox and a way-favorite — sing it to myself a lot, emotional with Annie’s voice, of course:

Here comes the rain again
Raining in my head like a tragedy
Tearing me apart like a new emotion (ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)
I want to breathe in the open wind
I want to kiss like lovers do
Want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you?

Only brain rain in these parts, as here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: M.C Escher’s ‘Three Spheres II,’ found here.)

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