Republicans Are Actually So Cruel And Dangerous They Haven’t A Clue On How To Govern

August 21, 2022

Another hot one as we near evening Sunday here in California’s Central Valley — hot is hot be.

Just as I’ve said before, Republicans are not only cruel assholes, but haven’t a clue how to actually govern:

A huge pile of empty, careless bullshit — from the transcript at NBC News (names have been altered to reveal the idiocy):

Upchuck Todd: Let me ask you this. What is your plan to deal with inflation? What is the Republican plan to deal with inflation other than not supporting Joe Biden policies? And I say that because what is the proactive agenda here?

Ackamarackus-Andy Barr: Well, we have a positive agenda. We have a commitment to America, and we’re going to get back to basics. Republicans are going to win landslide elections not just because Joe Biden has done such a poor job and congressional Democrats have failed the American people on the economy, crime and the border, but because we have a positive agenda to secure the border, to get back to basics, to stop the flow of drugs into our communities, to prevent people on the terror watch list from coming across the southern border, and to restore the remain in Mexico policy that this administration just reversed, to finish a border wall infrastructure and technology and resource Border Patrol…(blather, blather)..And we are going to produce more energy to reduce our dependence on foreign sources —

Upchuck: Okay

Pure nothing, worse than absolutely nothing. One wonders how the rank-and-file Americans can’t see it – the Republican brand is worthless as far as actual living is concerned — they haven’t a single care about policy or the working for the well-being in caring about citizens.

And they’re not in touch/contact with the mass of Americans — who also want justice:

Also from NBC News this morning:

A clear majority of American voters believe that the various investigations into alleged wrongdoing by former President Donald Trump should continue, according to a national NBC News poll conducted after the FBI searched Trump’s Florida home and recovered documents marked as “top secret” earlier this month.

The poll also shows a dissatisfied public, with three-quarters of voters saying the county is headed in the wrong direction, a record 58 percent who say that America’s best years are behind it and 61 percent who say they’re willing to carry a protest sign for a day because they’re so upset.

And it paints a mixed picture of the 2022 midterm landscape, with President Joe Biden’s job rating mired in the low 40s, and with Republicans narrowly leading on congressional preference — but with Democrats nearly tying Republicans on voter enthusiasm — and with “threats to democracy” overtaking the cost of living as the top issue facing the country for voters.

However, will that wonderment translate to the ballot box and cast the GOP out on its collective sorry ass? And a goodly majority would carry a ‘protest sign’ for a whole day.
That’s something!

Despite it all, here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Les Deux Saltimbanques: l’Arlequin et Sa Compagne,’ found here.)

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