Republicans The ‘Ignoramus’ Party

October 19, 2022

Another fine autumn episode this near-noon Wednesday here in California’s Central Valley. Weather pretty-much as good as it gets around these parts — a comfortable space before the dread of winter.

Further upcoming dread is the participation of right-sided assholes in today’s political river of election bullshit — Republicans are not only cruel, shitty, and malignant, but they’re also idiots without any understanding of facts and reality.

Ignorance outside-inside a mentally-shaming bubble:

Nutshell of the above mess via The Daily Beast this morning:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to make a show of herself standing up for Confederate soldiers and “our nation’s history” on Tuesday night but failed spectacularly and instead revealed her own confusion about the Civil War. The MAGA representative visited the Wilder Brigade Monument in Georgia to claim that the memorial recognizes “Confederate soldiers.”
But despite Greene’s apparent rush to pay her respects to what she believed was a Confederate monument, the monument actually pays tribute to Union troops that battled the Confederates. The Union Amy’s John T. Wilder unit — later nicknamed the Lightning Brigade — took the fight to Confederate troops during the Civil War.
A Greene spokesperson didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment.
The MAGA-loving lawmaker, beloved within Trumpworld, later edited the Truth Social post, which originally read: “Tonight, I stopped at the Wilder monument in Chickamauga, GA, which honors the Confederate soldiers of the Wilder Brigade. … I will always defend our nation’s history!”

And to add to a pile-on of dumb and vile, Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post, also from this morning, notes crazed, outside-of-reality is the current Republican platform of election candidates — they’re not mentally fit for any kind of being in public office:

Recent midterm debates prove it: This election cycle is not about competing policy ideas or agendas. It’s about two parties operating in entirely different political worlds.

Judging by the debates, Republicans want to dispense with much of the federal government and repeal virtually every Biden achievement (including the bipartisan ones). They are determined to upend, upset and uproot workable government without offering any problem-solving ideas of their own. They have no alternative plan for health care. They have no solutions to address inflation. So what do they do after carving up the federal government?

The answer is likely to cut taxes for the rich, but they cannot say so. The result is a void where a governing agenda normally would be. Watch the debate performances by Republican Senate candidates Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mike Lee (Utah), Herschel Walker (Georgia), Marco Rubio (Fla.) or J.D. Vance (Ohio), and you’ll be hard-pressed to name a policy solution they offered. “Close the border” is not a policy; it is a crudely stated aspiration. “Stop woke Democrats” isn’t even a coherent thought. Stop them from doing what?

In the Georgia’s governor race, Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams showered a debate audience with a stream of policy ideas, including, as the Associated Press reported, “a much larger teacher pay raise than the $5,000 Kemp delivered, an expanded Medicaid program, increased access to state contracts for small and minority-owned businesses and broader access to college aid paid for by gambling.” But for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, the only policy issue that seemed to interest him was crime, a familiar cudgel used against Democrats.

And don’t even try to parse through Walker’s debate answers for policy ideas. His inability to make any serious case for opposing a price cap on insulin reminded all viewers that he lacks the capacity to address serious challenges.

Put differently, debates allow Democrats to present themselves as a legitimate party trying to fashion rational solutions to real problems. Meanwhile, Republicans show they couldn’t care less about all that governing business. Ending popular programs, stripping away legislative achievements and passing more tax cuts are all they’ve got. Confronted with a capable opponent and without the cushy confines of right-wing media (which accepts their inanities and conspiracy theories as fact), Republicans find it hard to conceal that they are captives to a cult of extremism.

If voters in less than three weeks select Republicans, they cannot claim ignorance of their Trump idolatry, their cruel views on abortion, their assault on government and their refusal to stand by democratic values. It’s nihilism vs. the center left. Take your pick.

Vote is the main point. Or else be forced to live with the consequence of a ‘crazytown-bannapants‘ guy in charge:

Despite nutty-as a fruitcake, once again here we are…

(Illustration out front found here.)

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