Midterms Just 13 Days Away — ‘Might Be The Last Fully Free Election In Their Lives’

October 26, 2022

In the afternoon Interweb-news scroll, I ran across some serious pointers for the upcoming midterms — now just 13 days away.

We’re facing some serious shit:

Some righteously-chilling shit from Kevin Kruse, professor of history at Princeton University, in an interview at Aaron Rupar’s Public Notice earlier today — in less than two weeks, a major-major fork in the road:

It is a cliché, but this really is the most important election of your life. The midterms are going to be vitally important. If Democrats can maintain the Senate, there’s some hope for continued work on judges. That doesn’t just impact what’s going on now but for several decades — not only the Supreme Court but federal courts too. The House is equally important. Republicans have already announced incredibly stark rollbacks of things like Social Security and Medicare. …

Yeah, the important part that people are overlooking here is races in the states — for governors, for legislators, but most importantly for secretaries of state. There are a number of candidates out there — for all of those positions — but especially for secretary of state who have said basically that the next time there’s a situation like what we had in 2020, they will do everything in their power to throw the election to Republicans.

We dodged a serious crisis in 2020 because there were a number of Republicans, in places like Arizona and Georgia, who refused to go along with calls to throw out the election results and install Donald Trump. We’ve got a new group of Republican nominees who are promising to do exactly that. That really is a cause for alarm. It’s not just that this is the most important election of people’s lives, it might be the last fully free election in their lives unless they get out and vote.

Hard-ass anxiety off this shit. If the Republicans even win the House, Dems keep the Senate, we’re still f*cked in the dark. Politics are not even and there’s only one party of actual governing minds. Anything with an R is shit city.

And another take on the subject of how serious, once-in-a-lifetime event the midterms and a beyond-watershed occasion — Molly Jong-Fast is cool (her mother was so-cool first):

Fully expressed as not so happy.

Serious as shit, but here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: ‘Meteor,’ found here.)

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